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Odakoda Felicia celebrates 25 years. Also sold for 5,000 euros

Odakoda Felicia has become an iconic model of this Czech automaker. The mass production of this model began on October 17, 1994, or 25 years ago. It was the first model of the odakoda since joining the Volkswagen Group. Although the model was not impressed by the luxury, design and performance, thousands of people were immediately intimidated by it, especially thanks to its affordability and affordability.

Looking at the Latin dictionary, we will find the word "Felicias", which can be translated as greetings, wishes or greetings. What a characteristic model name that celebrates its fourth century right now.

Witnesses and car enthusiasts know that the Felicia brand name was used by Skoda even in the distant past. The "Felicia" designation used to refer to an iconic outdoor vehicle from the late 1950s and 1960s.

Skoda Celica from 1962. Photo: Public Domain / Wikimedia

However, the drivers' hearts won only in the 1990s. Production of fifty prototypes began on 5.09.1994 at the Wroclaw factory. Technology optimization was followed by an official launch on Monday, October 17, at the main production line in Young Boleslav. Skoda Felicia's first production left her at exactly 10:20. Nine days later, on October 26, 1994, three new hatchback-colored hatchbacks were introduced to the public. The mayor of Prague then baptized them on the Charles Bridge with water from the Vltava River.

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The basic five-door Felticia hatchback was 40mm longer and 15mm wider than its predecessor Favorite. The volume of luggage compartment increased by 21 liters, and Felicia offered the crew even more in the air cab. The crash test, conducted by the Institute T Institute in 1995, confirmed the high level of safety of the new odacoda vehicle. The overall level of sound insulation and suspension has increased as a result of the rigid body of the self-supporting body, the new axle and the modified front axle geometry and added rear axle stabilizer. High quality standards in production and installation were guaranteed by the international ISO 9002 certification.

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The basic unit of the Felicia model became a petrol engine with a capacity of 1289 cm3, in power variants of 40 kW and 50 kW. During 1995, the range was expanded with a more powerful four-cylinder 1.6 MPI / 55 kW and 1.99 D / 47 kW diesel.

In June 1995, an even wider version of the Felicia Combi was added to the base hatchback, and since August 1995, the Pickup and Felicia Vanplus versions have also been produced at the Kvasiny plant. Four thousand Felicia Fun odakoda recreational vehicles captivate not only the yellow body shade, but also the changing interior layout (pick-up 2 + 2 seats). The popularity of light commercial vehicles in odakoda is also confirmed by the fact that nearly 19,000 Volkswagen Caddy alternative vehicles were successfully manufactured between 1996 and 2000, successfully exported, for example, to Latin American markets.

Odakoda Felicia Fun is of great value today. Photo by MGSpiller (Michael Spiller) from Bradford, UK [CC BY-SA 2.0], through the Wikimedia community

The Felicia model enriches the odakoda range with modern features such as ABS, up to four airbags, air conditioning, power steering, height-adjustable front seats, leather upholstery and computer staff. The commemoration of the centenary of the founding of the company (1895/1995) was honored by the luxury edition of Felicia Laurin & Klement, which is still used by the carmaker today.

Igoda Felicia also acknowledged his versatility with significant successes in the field of motorsport. She worked on the 1995-1997 World Cup rally.

In February 1998, Fellicia's appearance was refreshed by the large facade, externally apparent mainly by unifying the design language of the wide odakoda range. The shape of the headlights and the radiator grille resembled the larger Octavia. In June 2001, the impressive car career of odakoda Felicia was successfully completed, with a total of 1,401,489 units. The successor was the remarkably successful Skoda Fabia, manufactured since 1999.

Skoda Celica by mail. Photo: Woxford [CC BY-SA 4.0], through the Wikimedia community

The helicopter was produced almost one and a half million pieces in different versions. No wonder almost everyone in the family had it. Even today, after 25 years, it is still a popular model in the bazaars. Spare parts are not expensive and there are still people who cannot afford this car. In addition, the odakoda Felicia Fun has become a sought after collection. They produced just over 4,000 pieces and the price is not 5,000 euros is not uncommon.

Odakoda Felicia has become a legend for cars and we can be sure we will meet this model for a long time on our roads.

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