Saturday , January 23 2021

NASA and European Space Agency team up: They will build a space station for the Moon

NASA on Tuesday officially confirmed that it has joined forces with the European Space Agency (ESA) in an effort to develop the Gateway station, which will orbit the Moon.

The Portal Station, which enables long-term exploration of the Moon, should serve as a link between the Moon and the universe. It will again be an international project, this time between the United States and Europe.

Once the two organizations work together to camp people in lunar orbit, respectively. directly on the surface of the natural satellite can begin with the conquest of Mars.

Production on the Gateway space station is set to begin until 2022. NASA has commissioned several companies to produce the required components, including SpaceX a Maxar Technologies. He will share the rest of the work with ESA.

The European Space Agency has agreed to deliver new modules for the Gateway station and the rocket that will travel to and from the station. To make matters worse, care must also be taken to improve communication between the Moon and the refueling system.

Space is moving human space missions from low Earth orbit to the Moon very quickly. This is the first time this has happened since 1972“NASA Chief Jim Bridestone wrote.

More cooperation with other countries

Bridestin indicated that further international agreements are being prepared in support of the Artemis program.

This partnership is the result of an incredible collaboration created on the International Space Station to move us to the Moon,“Bridstone said. “The portal is the next step in the collaboration between NASA and international partners such as ESA,He added.

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