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Muska replaced Tesla Denholm in the post. What do we know about it?


Tesla appointed Robyn Denholm as the new chairman of the board. She replaced Elona Muska, who had to give him back for problems with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Who is Robyn Denholm?

She was close to her children

Robyn Denholm grew up in a small town in the Australian suburb of Sydney. Her parents owned the pump station in which Denholm helped. She smoked fuel, repaired cars and took care of accounting. She later worked as a national financial manager in Toyota Australia. At that time, she was one of the few women who performed such a high function.

Successful career

Then she took steps in the Silicon Valley, where she held managerial positions in technology companies, such as Sun Microsystems (computers and software) and Juniper Networks (network devices), where she received a loan for a significant increase in revenues. Currently, he is the Finance Director and CEO of Telstra, the largest telecommunications company in Australia.

In Tesle from 2014

Tesla has been working as an independent board member since 2014. Tesla also acts as the chairman of the Audit Committee. Robyn Denholm currently runs a 6-month notice period at Telstra. At this time, Elon Musk will also support him. Then she will become a full-time chairwoman of the council.

The right character

According to Richard Walters of the Finacial Times, Denholm has the right form to perform his function: "Mrs. Denholm has always considered herself a direct person and the result of a pragmatic Australian education that deprived her of a nonsensical view of the world.".

According to Pierre & # 39; and Ferraga, an analyst from Wall Street, he can work with people who have high ego. In addition, he is a very calm and balanced person with a less visible personality, but with excellent managerial skills.

Conflict is important

Robyn Denholm has an interesting position on the conflict. According to him, a constructive conflict is very important in which he discusses his main idea or returns to the original idea, whether in the face of a new idea.

Elon Musk is phenomenal

Robyn Denholm in one of her interviews said that Tesla and Elon Musk were great. "He is simply phenomenal," Muska said. This suggests that he respects the mission of society and that Muska values ​​him and considers him a great asset to society. So his nomination can be good news for Tesla on the way to fulfill her main mission. In addition, Elon Musk could count on the support of his projects and solutions.

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Sources: Tesla, Evannex, cover photo: Kaitlyn Flannagan / Tesla via Observer

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