Wednesday , August 4 2021

Matovic announced new testing in schools. They will submit joint samples for hours

Prime Minister Igor Matovic announced on Facebook that he and the scientists had come up with a new way of testing students in schools. The reason is the unfavorable epidemiological situation and the inability to be massively tested with antigen tests.

So far, they will start a new form in two large primary schools.

“The teacher gives small blows to the children, where they pour about 5 ml of fine salt water. will go to the lab “ described the testing of prime ministers.

Consequently, a classical RT-PCR test should be performed on the sample. If it is negative, the whole hour is good. “If it is positive … it means that at least one student is positive in class. For the next procedure we will have several options: A) quarantine for the whole class, B) do an antigen test for all children, C) do an RT – for all children PCR tests or a combination … the correct procedure will be chosen in the following days from experts,“, Added Matovic.

The Prime Minister expects that if the testing goes well, it will be extended to other schools. However, according to him, this will be possible only in regions with low pollution. “Given that gargle samples from the class are mixed, with a higher infection rate in the region, it could well be that every second or almost every class will be positive. “This would cause a disproportionate overcrowding of laboratory capacity when capacity is missed.” he explained.

From tomorrow, students from some schools in Slovakia will return to schools. The condition is negative tests on staff, students and at least one parent. The tests cannot be older than seven days.

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