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LEAGUE: FC Senica – FC Spartak Trnava in the Slovnaft Cup semi-final


The visitors defended the corner and even entered the counterattack. Taborda had to go almost in the center circle to send the ball to the car.


Peter Bollek's excellent reflex action! According to the ordered standard in the Asmah's submission, Dijasa went, the Czech goalkeeper scored a goal on the goal line!


A bit comical situation of Trnavci, when Yilmaz and Markoski hit the ball, Chonka hit the opponent. He was a switch, Castaneda was rubbing halfway, Lovat stopped the foul.


The prepared fall of Stefan Pekar at the border of the 16th Tabord. Fans of Trnava wanted a punishment, Pavol Cmura only shakes his head.


El Moudane lost the ball to Sloboda, put on the pitch of two players, he was about to light, but El Mudan corrected his obesity and struggled with his injured body back to Seniche.


Lucas Lovat with a brilliant slide on his goal line started from Bolek's shrine.


Spartacus in the offside, the introduction of the second half was very careful.


A duel of two "yellow" players. Petshi put the hand on Grendel, Captain Trnava wants to fall to the ground.


Already in the third minute they are almost exclusively on the ball Záhoráci.


Finally, the center of Petshi was like an unplanned shot from the depth of the pitch. Peter Bolek had to liquidate him at the last minute.


At this moment, the ball was mainly on Senica's football boots.


Until the second half of the match without a change. Who will expect the Finals of the Slovenska Cup in the end?


The second half started.

The whole boring first act has finally been completed. Most were the two occasions of Trnava, Matuš Čonka in both of them. Especially the second chance, when Čonka finished perhaps eleven meters and the bullet struck the obstacle, it was supposed to end up in the net.

The second half starts at around 20:03.

45 + 3

The first half is over.

45 + 2

For additional speeches and protests, see the yellow card at home by Sophian Yannis El Moudane.

45 + 2

The sharp ball again points to Janeček, his head, but in this case he passed the gate.

45 + 1

Lovat entered the wall for the first time, then one of the defenders. Take a look at the corner.

45 + 1

In the first, a Spartacus standard of over twenty-six meters will be played.

45 + 1

Two minutes are added.


We entered the last minute of this act, prompted by Markoski on his feet.


And Markoski needs treatment. Fans of Trnava send ugly insults to the judge of the head.


He literally sent Petsji to Markoski on the ground. Severe intervention. It is difficult to say whether a Macedonian representative flew into a French midfielder.


Eric Grendel was happy that the ball started his chest. An experienced midfielder fired off a shot after processing, but missed the gate.


In a full sprint that brings Chonka, he threw the ball on Teshi, who already equalized him with the final stage of the event.


Markoski entangles the ball around the attacking angle flag, resulting in an offensive foul.


The angle stroke lasted almost a minute. The big ball of Asma was boxing from Bolek out of lime.


Marek Janechka has dismantled Castaneda with an excellent jump, it will be an angle. It was followed by the loss of the ball to Eric Grendel in the middle of the pitch.


As the violations increased, we had to finish it. Three doubles at the border, punished with the intention of Jakub Krča, who pulled out the opponent of the jersey.


At home, not guests, you need to play. But senators did not create any such position.


This time, in the net goal of this game, the goal is to clear the ball with the rod! Yilmaz greatly shook his feet, creating time and space for Chronicle, who sent the ball to the hurdle and from eleven yards!


But foul intensity gradually increases, the yellow carat will be added.


But, as it was a long time in this game, the centered balls did not get much water. Let's believe it will change as soon as possible.


Abena acted illegally on her own half, the standard played by Tescia.


Half an hour dueled behind us, no one is hurrying anywhere. I remind you that the Senators need a goal, otherwise they can forget about the final.


One foul on both sides, it was nothing serious. The game approaches Bolek's strike.


Eric Grendel tried it directly, but ultimately only reached the wide wall of seven men.


Sasha Petshi is the first card sinner of the Senicans. The withdrawal of the shirt from behind the breakthrough Markoski was justified. There is a direct blow from perhaps twenty meters.


Two controversial interventions by the guests, these struggles were on the brink. Pavol Chumra makes the game run until the ball passes on the line.


Záhoráci continues to fight, Krch has won the ball. It is played on the right side of Spartacus.


The home started better, but last quarter of an hour seemed to sleep. Last year's Fortuna League winner is becoming more and more common in the game.


Now he can get out of the gate of Bolek's suspicion. On the whole, a decent atmosphere is provided by Trnavchanov's funk club, who came to Senica in dozens.


Janeček got into his head in the air. The guest clasp ended high above.


Matthew Chonka scares Federico Tabordon! The Slovak player shot the ball from over twenty-five meters, the battered missile headed towards the gate, Tabuda pushed the ball to the corner.


Trnava people enter the game, but can not create more pressure, only a chance. Senegalese with a defensive foul.


It seemed to be a corner for home, but Chonka's duel with Senic's player finally turned out to benefit the left-handed extreme footballer of White Andeli.


But everything is fine, the legionnaire in Senica's shirt was worse.


An unpleasant clash between Markoski and Eric Ramirez. Players "hit" their legs.


And Asma is not afraid to play on the defensive. Markoski was close to setting one after the match. It was Asmah who could sprinkle even the entire field to shake the ball for the guest.


Asmah did not ask for a violation over Tourneu. A moment later, the main sand judge, but far from Bolek's gate.


External field from the left defender to Trnava. Catch from perhaps even thirty meters, tabour without problems.


From the very beginning, we followed the fighting football, because it's about playing. Spartacists are waiting for what their opponent thinks.


Seničania's wonderful move hit the ball and blocked it.


Eric Cléber Ramirez Mathew holds his head, taking good half a minute until he leaves the field. Pavel Chumura was there to ensure that everything was good.


Also, Anton Sloboda is punished by a player after Castaneda's illegal intervention. Well, the yellow warning is on the trick and the midfield of Trnava.


Home with a violation of the rules, free kick for Spartak ..


The left side of the foul was only promotional, and the flying body ended in Bolek.


Eric Grendel with a well-deserved yellow card after El Moudane's failed intervention. Otherwise, the late slip could not finish.


Yilmaz could not pass through Diaz, who today created a double with a seeker with Da Graz.


Interrupt the first two minutes and we have an offside right here. It was the home of Eric Ramirez.


The excavations were organized by a visit to Trnava, which started today in white jerseys. We will see the Senica's home in blue.


The meeting just started.

Initial reports:

FC Senica: Taborda – Valpany, Da Graza (C), Diaz, Krc – El Moudane, Domashhi, Tezia – Castaneda Velez, Asma – Ramirez Mateus
Deputies: Vorel – Orislal, Duboa, Mendes Lopez, Dangubich, Amankpo, Dereti

FC Spartak Trnava: Bolek – Ternja, Abena, Janechka, Lovat – Grendel (C), Sloboda – Markoski, Pekar, Chonka – Yilmaz
Deputies: Takach – Ashiro, Horvat, Rada, Lobas, Messik, Koshut

Judge: Pavol Chmura – Thomas Vorel, Eric Weiss.

First semifinal match

The favorites were at home and they immediately took the lead. Markoski scored in the third minute, did not score more goals. Trnavci also has several good chances, no more interventions. This leaves Senica both in the finals and in the European leagues.

FC Spartak Trnava 1: 0 (1: 1) FC Senica

Goals: 3. Markoski

Yellow cards: 45. Grendel (TRN) – 41. Amanxpo (SEN), 74. Duboa (SEN), 85. Lopez (SEN)

FC Spartak Trnava: Bolek – Turna, Janechka, Abena, Lovat – Lovat, Sloboda, Grendel, Dudl – Yilmaz, Markoski
Departures: Takáč – Ashiru, Miesenbock, Depetris, Lovás, Pekár, Košút

FC Senica: Taborda – Duboa, Diaz, Orisal, Amankopo – Domashchi, Valpany – Teshiya, Asma, Castaneda Velez – Dangubich,
Deputies: Vrrel – Krc, Lopez, Atkinson, Matheus, El Moudane, Sepulveda

Judges: Glava – Ferenc, Adam
Attendance: 2,744

Current form

Over the past month, Senica is better, except for the first semifinal duel. Senates in the Fortuna League once tied and won twice, which helped them fight for salvation in the highest competition.

On the contrary, it is with Trnava, which received only two of nine possible points. The seventh Spartak thus complicates the peaceful rescue work, when at the moment there are only 7 points for the good to win. Senica is the twelfth, who lost eight points for FC.

FC Senica

Záhoráci defeated Dolná Vestenice 5: 0 first, Hlohovec 2: 1, which surprisingly probably worried most, and shot against Horné Orešany, where he won 11: 0. Then came the rivals from another burek, but they did not make any troubles to the senators . Dunaisi Streda and Nitra left Senica after shamefully defeating 1: 5.

FC Spartak Trnava

Trnava won 9: 0 on the road to the Racha semifinals, then Bridge at Bratislava 3: 1 and Bardejov 5: 0. White Andelov did not stop Podbrezov who wins 2: 0. It was even worse in the east of Slovakia. Trophy League FC Kosice played with Spartak more than a balanced game, the match reached the penalty after a marginal unhappy result, where the favorite after the result of 4: 3 eventually enjoyed.

Dear viewers, Welcome to the transfer of the direct text of the Slovan Cup Cup Revenge. Senica is the host of Trnava, the home team must reach the first duel.

The meeting will start at 19:00.

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