Tuesday , September 21 2021

Kisk was definitely responsible for accounting

President Andrej Kisk and his brother met a police raid last week.

According to Plus 7 days, the NAKA hit occurred on the day the District Court in Bratislava sentenced Ladislav Bašternák to 5 years in prison for unjustified VAT refunds.

The police are also investigating surplus VAT in this case, writes the weekly. According to the source, which comes from the investigation, the police in Kiskovec had to store books and computers.

The action was to be related to the tax return of the company, which should excessively use the surplus of VAT in April 2014, June and November 2013, When the financial investigation specialist in the financial sector started criminal proceedings in January due to suspected tax fraud .

The total VAT refund amount is 146 thousand euros. That was the cost of promoting the presidential election campaign.

The media provided information on tax issues in the autumn of last year, and the police started criminal proceedings in January.

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