Wednesday , May 12 2021

Joey's actress, 45, secretly came out: ALWAYS was a bride!

Andrea Carnas appeared in several jockey projects. First, Panelak, who included a lesbian, later the 1890 series, and now our, where Luizin plays the best friend without children and without a partner.

In July, Andrea became the wife of her partner Roberto.

Jojkáriska actress (45) sa

In fact, it's different. Brunet has her first marriage with Ladislav Khrushovski, daughter Luisa. Although this package failed, she did not resign the love, and about three years ago she started playing with a younger man, cute Roberto.

Only in July, the actress told her. The wedding was held in silence, and until now the artist has a chance to hide it. We contacted Andreu Carnassus, but he rejected the details: "Do not be angry, but I do not want to comment on more details". However, Joy's television published a photo of a beautiful bride with his daughter, both of whom made him very special.

Andrew went as far as women.

Jojkáriska actress (45) sa

Source: TV Joy

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