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Indeed, the solar system is driven by a foreign comet – The Universe – Science and Technology


Comet as we have never seen before – 2I / Borisov, really arrived in the solar system.


A comet like we have never seen before has arrived in the Solar System. According to Polish astronomers, it could theoretically originate from a system that is 13 light-years away.

However, the body 2I / Borisov came to us from another star
the system, as confirmed, actually looks suspiciously familiar.

Already in September, the US National Aviation and Space Administration (NASA) and NASA
The European Space Agency (ESA) has announced a new comet aimed at the sun,
which is probably from another system. He first spotted the space object
amateur astronomer from Crimea, Gennady Borisov, who has already discovered a few
comets. The present body named him after him.

The first half of September was 420 million kilometers
The sun, the comet flies at 150,000 kilometers per hour. A country
passes far behind the orbit of Mars. to
Scientists expect access to the Sun on December 8 and will be around
300 million kilometers. Then the comet begins to return
interstellar space.

Polish experts have now determined that the second known interstellar object after
the asteroid Omuamu, who visited our solar system, a comet
2I / Borisov, probably comes from a two-star (binary) red system
Dwarf Kruger 60 (stars Kruger 60A and Kruger 60B) away
13 light years from us in the constellation Sefijah.

The comet identified by a cloud of dust and gas has
with a diameter of 1.4 to 6.6 km, his journey through space began earlier
millions of years.

Comet 2I / Borisov could, according to the Center for Space Research in Poland
The Academy of Sciences orbits the twin star Krueger 60, similar to comets orbiting
around the Sun in our system until the influence of another planet caused it to go away
in free space.

"We immediately noticed a coma and a tail that could not be seen around
Omuama. This is really great because it means our new
The visitor is one of these myths and has never seen one before
really interstellar comets, "he said, according to British newspaper The
Independent Polish scientist Michal Darushce from Jagiellonian University
in Krakow.

On September 13, a large Canary telescope looked at the comet
(GTC), which is more than 10 meters high
telescope worldwide. The spectrum of the GTC comet and its comparison
emitting dust with a comet spectrum of the solar system is a lot

"Based on these first features, this object appears
it cannot be different from the original comets of the solar system, "he said
co-author of the study Piotr Gazik also from Jagiellonian University.

Borisov is the second known visitor coming from outside
Solar System Joins the Oumuamua Asteroid (Hawaiian term for
messenger) in the form of a cigarette, discovered on 19.10.2017. Unlike
from Comet 2I / Borisov, however, astronomers have not been able to locate Oumuamua
or roughly determine where it comes from.

According to earlier statements by astronomers, Omumamu came from
with the constellation Lira and from our system it is directed to the constellation Pegasus. body
On October 14, 2017, the Earth covered about 24 million kilometers,
which is approximately 60 times the Earth's distance from the Moon.

Discover a new comet that doesn't come from our system after such a short time
suggests that there are no such interstate visits
exceptional. As the Independent newspaper recalls, experts have since
they continue to scrutinize the case and look forward to its December
approach because they think they could improve our understanding
the surrounding area.

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