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In Slovakia, almost all flu vaccines are missed

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There are almost no flu vaccines in Slovakia. However, it can still be accessed individually. Ondrej Sukes, president of the Slovak Chamber of Pharmacy (SLeK), confirmed this to TASR. He believes vaccines from other countries may be released for the Slovak market.

“Basically, the first deliveries were used with about 300,000 vaccines. The patient can still get the vaccines individually, because not all of them have been used for specific clinics up to 100 percent. At the moment there are pharmacies that still have some vaccines, but it is already on “the patient should call or visit pharmacies,” he said.

He added that if there is another shipment to be withdrawn from another country where they are not consumed, it will be possible to get a flu vaccine, for example, in December. However, Sukluk considers it appropriate to give to be vaccinated even in later months.

“In our conditions, it always culminates at the end of February. Vaccination in November or December is definitely an appropriate tool to prevent the flu,” he said.

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The Slovak Republic’s Ministry of Health (MOH) says Slovakia has approximately 300,000 flu vaccines available from two marketing authorization holders for the current vaccination season.

The Slovaks paid for them with public health insurance, ie they did not pay for the vaccine at the pharmacy. TASR confirmed Zuzana Eliashova, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health (MZ) of the Slovak Republic, stating that the Ministry of Health is also looking for alternative ways to provide patients with vaccines in Slovakia.

According to the Ministry of Health of Elias of the Slovak Republic, he is intensively dealing with the issue of availability of influenza vaccines and is actively communicating with the two marketing authorization holders.

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“According to the marketing authorization holder, the vaccine may be available individually at the pharmacy level. Pharmacies have received a number of vaccines that they were interested in ordering,” she said.

The Ministry of Health pointed out that although in recent years influenza vaccination in Slovakia was approximately at the level of about four percent of the vaccinated population, vaccine manufacturers, despite low vaccination coverage in previous years, provided a 20 percent increase in stocks for Slovakia.

“Also, given the situation with KOVID-19, we have called on people to be vaccinated against influenza as an effective prevention of respiratory diseases, and most vaccines have been consumed,” the ministry commented.

The Ministry of Health does not enter into orders. Procurement of vaccines is not based on central procurement, pharmacies order them from distribution companies.

“However, the situation is not indifferent to us and we are actively communicating with pharmaceutical companies, but we have no authority to intervene in their orders,” Eliazova said.

The Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic added that a healthy lifestyle and lifestyle can also prevent flu.

“It is a respiratory disease, which can also be protected by a well-known observance of the basic rule of ROR – drapery, distance, hands. Proper diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and fluids, regular stay in the fresh air, exercise, hardening and enough “Sleep will also protect us.”

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