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I wanted to give birth without any drugs, one thing helped to speed him up


Mums, whose child does not go out and does not leave, despite the climactic term, they test different tricks. Walking up the stairs, swinging on fitlopte and many other proven and unverified tricks.

One of the mothers who was in a similar situation had an interesting idea, which she shared with the whole world – I used a milk sucker …

RAW childbirth

"I have always liked to give birth to a strengthening women's ceremony, a prelude in which I want to play an important role.

My fears about childbirth or pain. After abortion in the 12th week and ovarian cysts rupture, I know that I can take birth. I am afraid, however, that I will be helpless and that my care will be taken care of by medical personnel.

It is the fear associated with a deep desire to experience childbirth in its most natural form. It forced me to ask for delivery without using any medication, "says Matilda Videgård, a journalist and a fresh mother in her book.

What's next?

Matilde poured amniotic fluid and went to the uterus. However, cramps did not have any, just a small contraction.

She was aware that the leak and the fact that he did not have cramps were not the best combination and that he was on time. If it does not work, the Empire will break.

She admitted that she had a feeling that her stomach was under pressure. At the same time her life wanted natural birth, and now her chances are endangered.

I could not: I can not continue my delivery

The maternity hospital staff accepted the idea of ​​the future mother, even the contractions began a bit.

Matilda did everything to give her birth: she shuddered, hit the ball, danced and walked around the room. He has an enema. The contractions are finally starting to have a rhythm. This mother strengthened and continued the fight.

She was delighted that she could give her child without drugs. However, in the afternoon the situation did not look very promising. The childbirth did not take off, and midwife Matilda said that one can no longer expect to use oxytocin to induce labor.

Starting the procedure?

That was the last thing my mother wanted. One book assumes that oxytocin may be the beginning of a spiral of medical interventions that can lead to cesarean delivery.

But Matilda did not give up. She put her last hope into a milk sucker. You read correctly. Have you never heard of a breast pump used by a woman before she was born?

The charm of nipple stimulation

Together, they asked the midwife to give Matilde the last chance. She reluctantly approached for two hours.

All hope came to the milk sucker, because her mother read in a book that stimulating the nipple, like the suction cup, can cause uterine contractions.

Naturally, it works so that when a child is born and immediately after giving birth to a nipple – which in this case replaced the suction cup – the mother will stop the blood much better.

A surprising change

They set the milk to the highest intensity. It was an absolutely new experience, of course, it took some time,
until her future mother learned to work.

She was ready to do anything to save her clean, raw birth. Contractions begin to develop after 10 minutes of jumping on the blower using a blower. Matilda already understood why none of the mothers in the final birthday shouted that it was feasible.

What happened after midnight?

After 40 minutes, the contractions were several minutes away. Matilda was afraid that they could slow down, but she did not say anything. She persuaded her to take her a break.

Around midnight, she told her to lie down and catch the baby in the stomach. The contractions were already very painful when they were suddenly taken aback by the feeling that they had to push. Twenty minutes later, Matilda's son was in his hands.

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