Wednesday , June 23 2021

How Americans are preparing to return to space

They did not give up their own vision! Since 2011, when they closed their shuttles, the Americans fly into space only thanks to Russian technology.

In the meantime, however, they are fighting for a return to the cosmos! The new spacecraft will be Orion's probe. The design of the new spacecraft was inspired by the Apollo project, which was adopted by the Americans for the Moon.

The European Space Agency (ESA) also cooperates with it. It deals with the construction of a service module which, in addition to the drive, should include a water tank. Now, however, the greatest attention is paid to the Orion crew, which NASA undergoes tough tests.

What is the breakthrough? Orion will allow much longer spaceflight than any other space vehicle or space shuttle. Without docking on a space station, he will be able to withstand the entire crew for 21 days. NASA is pleased to enable people to return to the moon, study asteroids after more than 50 years and will be a big step forward for Mars.

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The Apollo capsule inspired her in the shape of the crew, but they have a much larger capacity. It takes up to a 6-person crew. The first flight into space with the crew is scheduled for 2023. However, in 2020, the unmanned module should send up to ten thousand kilometers per month. The surface of the Earth's natural satellite, which people first climbed in 1972, approaches about 100 km.

The test mission consists mainly in answering the question of whether Orion can safely return home. After penetrating the Earth's atmosphere, the capsule reaches speeds of up to 11 km per second and warms up to 2 760 ° C. Recently, Orion installed a 5-meter thermal shield made of titanium steel and carbon fiber to protect the crew. However, until Orion really goes into space, he has to go through many difficult tests.

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