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Gemerský Mlyn gave high fines for trial – Denník N

After the fines in the case, the marching offer is another important sentence in terms of political nominations. The District Court Bratislava II today condemned the high fines of SNS nominees in the Executive Committee of the National Property Fund Josef Vala and Ljubomir Neslauden.

They are guilty of violating their duties in administering state property, and both of them have been given 12 years. At the same time, they were banned for 5 years of public office and the NFM must replace the entire school.

They did not do another stealing

"The blame of the defendants is proven enough," said Judge Mihaela Bucek.

Just like in the tender building, I will go to jail only those who were at the end of the thievery, and many likely accomplices will remain without punishment. Their guilt was not documented by the police. Also, because Valo and Neslawan refused to testify, they themselves were charged.

"They conspired," he said, "Do not worry if anyone is hiding. The judge did not want to comment, Valo said he returned in the 1950s.

From today's point of view, the behavior of people in the body of the National Property Fund seems absurd. Gemerský Mlyn was a company that FNM was once privatized. Later, however, the privatization was canceled and

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