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Derby Day. Slovaks only win in Prague – National team – Football – Sport

Czech Republic sports training in Slovakia LN

In the picture, Slovak footballers are left behind by Ján Greguš, Marek Hamšík, Albert Rusnák, Miroslav Stoch, Vladimír Weiss and Róbert Maka during training in Prague.

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What can change in football in one month!

In October, the Czech representatives in Trnava played the first match
Slovakia in the League of Nations. After a series of bad results, they changed their coach and
to mobilize forces. Jaroslav Šilhavý went out perfectly – the Czech Republic
he won 2-1.

At the time, he did not know that the Slovaks were going to retaliate with the new man
training bench and this function will be occupied by the Czech Republic. Pavel Hapal paused
the first match against Ukraine in Trnava, but today he is ahead of his opponent
against compatriots.

And these are in a much better situation. They not only have a fight
save in the first group the advantage of the home environment, but keep it
in Lot B of the League of Nations it is enough to draw. Slovaks have
clearly defined role.

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Pavel Hapal and left
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If they do not want to fall below the category, they must now unconditionally
win. Three points will help them maintain their place in the second
basket of results for the qualification of the ME 2020 by less than two

"I can not wait for the match, it's a bit specific to me, but now
I am in favor of the colors of Slovakia and we want to succeed in Prague. We all know that
we have to win and make it a maximum, "Hapal stressed and suggested:
Gameplay: "We play offensive."

Hapal Czech football and team rival will know. He saw him too
in preparations last week, in which the Czechs won in Poland (1: 0).
"The Czech team has a high performance, score and matches
dangerous forward, but it also has its weaknesses, it would be good if we were
they used it, "said the Slovak coach.

Excellent entrance to the new position in the match with Ukraine (4: 1) gave him pleasure,
but some of his minor health problems were worried by him and that's why
he did not want to talk about the basic set yet. The match with Ukraine did not go away
Kucka and Zrelak.

"When it comes to the game, we showed quite positive things, but
the more complicated is that some players have fewer health problems,
they suffered many blows. It seems to me that not everyone is a player
both Kucka and Zrelac. "

Coach Šilhavý appreciated the victory in Trnava. "She encouraged the next
work. And also the last victory in Poland. Now it would be great if
We also managed to carry out another match with the Slovaks. "

In the Czech camp, they emphasize that even if they want to
the band will not play, it may go down. The balance says
clearly in favor of the Czech Republic. He won six, two seasons from eleven games
they ended with indecision and three losers. They are currently in a better situation
FIFA evaluates Slovak footballers. They contain 28 including, Ces
there are up to twenty places under them.

Czech Republic Slovakia

League of Nations, B-Division, 1st Group, today, starts at 20.45, Prague,
Slavia Stadium in Eden, direct RTVS broadcast. The match will lead Spanish
judges, headed by Alejandro Hernandez.
Expected sets
Czech: Vaclik – Gebre Selassie, Kalas, Čelůstka,
Novák – Souček, Pavelka – Vydra, Dockal, Jankto – Schick
Slovakia: Dúbravka – Pekarík, Škrtel, Škriniar,
Hancko – Gregus – Rusnak, Kucka, Hamsik, Stoch – Nemec

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