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Cut the vine in 7 easy steps with an expert

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How cold it is also affects the vegetation phase of the rest of the vineyard. However, very severe frosts, which damage the vineyard, are rare in the current global warming.

Whether frost will damage the vines depends on the variety, the substrate, the planting condition, the diet, the age of the trunk, the location, the temperature fluctuations and the load. Although you can not influence the negative climatic conditions, at least for them you can prepare a vineyard. The first step is an annual reduction, which requires knowledge and practical skills.

Harmonious diet

Through the leaves, plants can absorb the missing mineral elements in small concentrations (0.1-0.3%).  They should be applied to healthy young leaves in the early evening.  The solution dries more slowly, and the leaves have the ability to absorb as many nutrients as possible.  It is pointless to fertilize yellowish leaves that need iron, magnesium, but also calcium.  This is important for apple trees, where its deficiency is associated with the formation of freckles on the fruit.  Large-fruited tomatoes, in turn, will appreciate the potassium at the end of flowering.  T.

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A balanced diet is the key to growing success. It is very important not to overdo the use of nitrogen fertilizers. Healthy and solid wood, who easily overcomes winter, matures only under the assumption of a harmonious diet with potassium, which absorbs the leaves well and is quickly incorporated into the plant during the summer. It is recommended to apply such fertilizer 1- to 2 times before harvest by spraying the leaves.

The condition of planting vineyards worsens with the appearance of fungal diseases, against which it is important to protect regularly. Care must also be taken not to exhaust the vine by placing too much rim.

Unpredictable crying

Before cutting, you should consider the extent to which you will burden the variety with the crop. Take a walk through the vineyard and assess its condition. Focus on the buds (eyes) and possible winter damage. Then decide how many healthy buds you will leave on the bush after the winter. For easier calculation, in practice this data is converted into an area of ​​one square meter.

Those that grow from old trees are not fruitful.

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Those that grow from old trees are not fruitful.

How you load the bush affects the variety, the growing form and the planting clip. However, the condition of the vine must also be taken into account. The calculation also takes into account the balance between the aboveground and the underground, because only then will the harvest be really good. It is known that in case of insufficient load on the natural buds, shoots are characterized by strong growth and rough. On the contrary, leaving a large number of natural buds will weaken the growth eventually so much so that it becomes stressful, which eventually affects the quality of the grapes.

It is true that large-fruited varieties (Veltlínské zelené, Svätovavrinecké) are cut into smaller buds, while less fruiting varieties with a small fringe (Tramín červený) are cut into a larger number of buds. If you are unsure, help with ampelography data.

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