Saturday , April 17 2021

BioWare delay Cataclysm event and other upcoming additions to the anthem

anthem m behind one of the biggest updates adding a new stronghold and one of the game's favorite has been added. As the bag is updated, there are also some problems, because something is delayed, drilling the Cataclysm event and the Mastery System. According to BioWare, these delays are justified because things have not come to an end, they must shoot in the game after the game is released.

Delayed features include:

  • Mastery system
  • guild
  • Legendary missions Phase II
  • Weekly firearms challenge
  • Tabuk
  • Freeplay Eventy
  • cataclysm

Cataclysm is a great complement to the game that will keep you alive. Conduct new creatures, rewards and movements Anthem forward. The authors suggest that their work will continue with us and will give us more details. The news is also about the prey, which many critics have voiced criticism. Verify that the system needs to stick together and work on it. Of course, let's know about it and then solve the problem.

BioWare has not yet provided any information about when we had the content covered. We probably will not know it soon, because the authors have clearly shown that they will hinder the news from time to time. Fill out new ones for fans that you can test your news before releasing them.

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