Saturday , October 23 2021

Actor Juraj Šoko Tabaček: Has his marriage been broken ?!


Claim yourself as lightning from the clear sky! Actor and animator Juraj Šoko Tabaček (39) behaves like a carefree man who always has a funny message.

Although his media star has been growing in recent months, the reverse is in private. One of the main representatives of the Horizna Dolna Markizacion cycle, after seventeen years, is the divorce with his wife Klaudia (39), with whom Jakubek's son (7) and daughter Adelka (3) have a son. The newsletter brought a weekly Plus seven days. Is his coat behind his slit ?!

Tobacco is known from Marshal Horna Dolna, Jokerka Inkognita and from the RTVS show I Love Slovakia. Hand in hand with growing popularity received serious cracks in marriage. For people all over the world, well-adjusted actors, the news of an upcoming divorce is a huge surprise. "We are all in shock, Juraj was still smiling, nice, he did not look like this" the source of New Time revealed on one of the televisions for which Tabac works. But the crushing marriage is no longer hidden. "The wife has filed for divorce, this period is not the easiest," he admitted to the weekly Plus, a 7-day actor who believes that despite the serious crisis with his wife, the relationship will still be able to save them. A few days ago, Juraj remarked that he did not want to spend as much time as he could, next time. "I try to be as often and as often as possible with my family. I can not give standard times, but I protect my weekends, so I can be with children. They can not wait to know that when I'm at home, there will be some activity and I will look after them, "he told Evita.

Own to the whole house

Tabacka lives with children in Zilina, while the head of the family is more in front of television cameras in Bratislava than at home. This double life Juraj, mainly acting, was the main obstacle on the way to the fall of a long-lasting bond. "My work touches the family because it is not a system, one day, another. Now, I'm not only more visible in the media, I have not been home before. The whole family is subject to an irregular rhythm, and Klaudia tries to manage it, so we have time for ourselves – admitted the actor a few months ago for the magazine Mama and me.

In his overworked working diary, his wife interviewed him regularly: "We are looking for days off his calendar and we want to make the best use of it." "Of course, the family, especially my mother and sister, help me", she added to her husband Claudia that looks after the whole house, "Duro is most of the time." "I will not comment on my private affairs," wife Tabacka replied when she turned to New Time. Tobacco did not appear when the divorce was closed.

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