Saturday , June 12 2021

WWE Superstar suffers damage during the Survivor series

The WWE Survivor series ended at this point, and although it did not seem to matter, the kickoff show featured a match-tag eliminating match with tag teams from both major vegetative brands. During the match there was a change of Lucha House Party, in which Kalisto jumped out of the match, and even drew attention to it in the commentary, but the story has something more.

Dave Meltzer noticed in the Wrestling Observer Radio that the former NXT tag team master had indeed suffered an injury and left the competition, and it was good that there was another person who would take his place, or could have done much more to do so. match, although apparently the wrong team won in the end.

"In this regard, Kalisto suffered a knee injury and just left the apron, and then Gran Metalik entered the apron."

Let's hope that Calliste is alright, but Gran Metallic was still available to jump in and take over Callisto's duties.

We'll give you more information about the Callistone state of injury when we receive additional information.

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