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Wins Champions League Semifinals after Seven Years' Thriller With Manchester City

Date of publication: Wednesday, April 17, 2019 9:57

Rahme Sterling was rejected as a dramatic late winner, as Tottenham won a remarkable victory in the visitors' goal to end Manchester City's four-goal quest at Etiquat Stadium.

Sterling thought he had finished an amazing hat-trick in the dying moments of the pulsating quarter-finals of the Champions League, but the WAR intervened and Spurs went through the semifinal despite losing 4: 3 in the night.

Sergio Aguero was determined to play in an offside on the rise, defusing City and meant that Spurs would win with a 4-4 result on the aggregate.

It was an amazing end to the exciting match, which saw both sides in the lead.

Sterling and Blue Heung-min scored twice in the first half, with Bernardo Silva's reluctant effort, which gave the hosts the lead.

Aguero's strike put City in control of the tie, but the goal of Fernando Llorente proved to be decisive Spurs.

The tone of the frantic night was set when Sterling bounced home his first in just four minutes. Kevin de Bruyn was involved twice in a quick pause before Sterling to smash into Kierran Trippyer and to strike a low kick from Hugo Lloris from just inside the area.

It was at the stadium cradle with supporters who seemed to respond to the gathering call Pep Guardiola is the most vocal.

However, they were silenced at times when Spurs reacted with an incredible style with Son to capture the two arrows in a quick fire.

City contributed to their own breakthrough with Ajmerik Laporte, twice giving the ball away. For the first time he failed to cut off the crossing of Dele Ali in the area, and the Son destroyed the blow under Ederson.

The second occasion was to continue to climb, but Spurs quickly broke through Christian Eriksen who fed the Son and the Korean curling was a great blow to the top corner.

Unbelievable, only seven minutes passed, but within four more, the result was 2: 2, when City went back with a shot from Bernardo Silva, who led Danny Rose.

Bernardo Silva was then involved in the move that saw City take the lead again, releasing De Bruyne with the neck. De Bruyne then chose Sterling, who was not marked on a distant position with a low-cross trademark, and England forward won the 23rd city goal of the season.

It returned the city in the night, but with them continued to lag behind, they continued to force the pace and the game remained open.

Aguero had a shot blocked before Blue beat Kyle Walker at the other end and twisted another shot just wide.

De Bruyne surprised with a shot in Lloris and missed the goal with a free kick. The second half started with Lloris, denying Sterling and De Bruyne with good savings. Fernando Llorente tested Ederson with a header, but the impulse was with City.

The hosts brought out the goal that set them on the eve immediately before the hour, while De Bruyne released Aguero with a lofty pitch. Demonstrating the calmness of which he is known, the Argentine destroyed a fierce blow from Loris from a narrow angle.

After taking the initiative in the penalty, Guardiola tried to protect him by sending Fernandinho, but his plans were soon torn apart while Lorente announced a controversial effort from the corner after 73 minutes.

The game was retained for referral to VAR, as the ball appeared to wash the Spaniard's hand before he wanted in the hip, but in the end he was given the benefit of the doubt.

City needed a delayed response and thought they found how Sterling showed a big deal in the box before he passed past Lloris, but VAR saved Spurs.

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