Saturday , January 16 2021

Wheesung's agency denies rumors of links to the use of Amy's propofol

The Wheesung agency has denied rumors of his involvement in the former TV person, used by Amy's past proxy.

Amy reportedly had social media about another famous person involved in the past of the drug scandal that led to her deportation, and after Wyshing was in doubt, his agency has now returned with a statement. On April 17, the Wheesung label Real slow company statements, "We clearly say that the doubts about Wheesung, which were mentioned on social media of the 16th century, are completely untrue. Wheesung definitely does not perform these actions, and if there is an audio recording as claimed, it will receive punishment accordingly ".

The real slow company continued, "Wheesung has already been ruled that he is not guilty of the propofol injection in 2013 during his military service. He was subjected to an intense investigation by the military police, and we claim once again that he was acquitted because it turned out that it was for medical purposes by the doctor's order, after the incident, was also examined for the use of sleeping pills, and the same charge was suspended. "

The agency concluded that it was painful for Wheesung to publish the statement and apologize for raising problems due to past incidents.

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