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Vector launch launched its first US air force mission

The ASLON-45 spacecraft manifesto will consist of multiple 3Us and larger US government blocks to low orbital ground.

HUNTSIL, Ala. – The small launch operator Vector Launch has received a $ 3.4m contract from the Office of the Air Force's Rocket Launch Program office to launch experimental satellites on low Earth orbit.

The Center for Space and Missile Air Systems announced the award August 7th. The company was informed of the award on August 6.

The deal is part of the Small Rocket-Orbital (SRP-O) program, launched by the launch of the experimental division of the Space and Rocket System Company at the Kitterland Air Force Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Rocket Launch Program is part of the SMF Launch Company.

The Air Force issued an invitation to tender on December 14, 2018, to Agile Small Launch Operating Officer (ASLON). Answers were due on January 18.

The ASLON-45 Space Manifesto will consist of multiple 3Us and larger US government cubes to a low-Earth-orbit (LEO) inclination of 45 degrees. Under the contract, Vector will provide all the necessary dispensers and perform all load integrations and start operations. The ASLON-45 mission will support the Ministry of Defense's Space Testing Program.

The RSLP Office used the Federal Acquisitions Regulation Section 13.5 Simplified Acquisition Procedures to Speed ​​Up the Award, the Air Force said. "We have assigned this mission for just over three months from the contract announcement request to the contract award," said Col. Ryan Rose, head of the Small Launch and Goals Division. "We are using ASLON-45 as part of our building blocks to achieve a more realistic space launch."

This will be the first US airborne vector launch mission based in Tucson, Arizona. The mission will be launched by the flight of Volops, NASA, Virginia. The initial launch of the ASLON-45 mission is scheduled for the third quarter of 2021.

"The Small Rocket Orbital Program provides orbital launch services to academia, DOD and other government agencies for operations, research, development and testing missions and is a shining example of X's drive to provide innovation and partnerships across the enterprise faster than ever before. that, ”said Colonel Robert Bongiov, SMC's Launch Enterprise Director. "These orbital missions, like the ALSON-45, can be used to directly support the warrior and demonstrate new technologies and concepts of the weapon system."

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