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Toyota 86, Subaru BRZ reads to get the axis [UPDATE]

Update: Added a Toyota statement that suggests that the 86 will not be rejected as the rumor suggests.

Now that Toyota Supra is officially, some people were wondering about the future of Toyota's other sports car, 86. A new report by Japanese nostalgic car suggests that the end could be close to the runabout, as well as the nearby Crown Subaru BRZ. The newspaper publishes a report from another source that will allegedly disclose the cancellation of the two sports cars. That report is said to come out later next month.

We could not wait so long, so we have recorded some questions about Subaru and Toyota on the subject. Subaru's representative told us that the second generation BRZ was previously confirmed, but the car is unable to discuss the specifics of it at that time. It seems BRZ will continue in some way, at least in the name.

Similarly, Toyota looks just as optimistic about the 86th, although the company failed to say that it is currently a new model. Here is a spokesman for Toyota directly told

"As Akio Tooda said of the discovery of the Supra 2020, Toyota is dedicated to building exciting vehicles, including sports cars. The 86 years have been in the Toyota family since 2013, and the plan is to continue to be part of the sport on the Toyota car line. "

Further, the article from Japanese nostalgic car also mentions that Toyota and Subaru can move away from their sports car partner, although details are not provided. The companies joined the BRZ / 86 development, bringing Subaru a naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine, and Toyota, among other things, supports the six-speed manual. The car started with both cars in 2012, and although several special releases have appeared over the years, it remains primarily unchanged to this day.

The rumors are really timely, to say the least. Toyota is offering its new Supra with a four cylinder option on markets outside the US, directly taking the place where the 86-year-old is currently. Now it looks logical to put 86 in bed, but that does not mean the Toyota / Subaru partnership is completely dead. Rumors about the revived Toyota MR2 – once again with Subaru DNA – have recently changed. Can BRZ become a medium-sized car? Can Toyota continue its relationship with Subaru to introduce a new MR2?

So many questions. It looks like the next few months could be very interesting for the fans of Subaru and Toyota.

Source: Japanese nostalgic car through Autoblog

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