Saturday , October 23 2021

The new Class C 2021 Mercedes caught on the camera for the first time


The new Mercedes C-Class sedan is here in 2021 – and these spy photos give us the first tips on what to see with the next BMW 3 Series.

While the test mule is currently dressed in camouflage, the general shape suggests a rather subtle evolution of the current C-class design. The latest trend of the brand is to pursue a cleaner whole, so we can expect fewer lines and wrinkles to the sides of the car.

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Both the window line and the rear flap are set in a similar form to maintain family ties with the outgoing model. The lower, more visible grille will be between headlights that will probably switch to full LED technology, and will take on a thinner shape than with the existing W205.

Under the skin, the new C-Class is designed to run on the updated modular version of the MRA (Rearular Drive Drive Architecture) system of the current car. Despite the name, there will be four-wheel drive variants that can see that the next hot AMG model distributes power to all four wheels. It will probably be driven by the same 4.0-liter V8 twin engine, but the extra traction outside the line should improve 0-62 mph.

Sitting on this model should be AMG 53 – rival Audi S4 driven by a 48-liter six-cylinder engine with a mild hybrid. This will be one of several versions of the new C-Class with various levels of electric drive.

Expect a mild hybrid configuration to help some of the more modest-powered four- and six-cylinder gasoline and diesel units, and plug-in options with a battery-operated range of 30 miles. A fully electric sedan will not belong to class C, but as a stand-alone model.

While the exterior will remain largely similar to its predecessor, the cabin will be completely redesigned. The new look will focus on the new audio-information system, as in the latest A-Class and GLE, the C-Class will be equipped with the most modern MBUX dual-screen multimedia and entertainment system. This will provide functions such as configurable digital dials, conversational voice control via the "Hey Mercedes" interface and extended navigation instructions.

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