Sunday , June 20 2021

The agency Im Sivan shares the details of his forthcoming release from the military

Only a few weeks remain until Im Sivan is fired from the military!

On March 12, his PLUM Actors agency shared: "Im Siwan holds a ceremony to lay off the 25th division of a recruit training battalion in Yangju, Gyeonggi Province on March 27."

The agency found that the ceremony would be private, explaining: "The purpose of the training for new recruits will be held that day, so that in order not to harm the soldiers and families present, he will salute separately at the Gamaksan Salon after the dismissal."

"Once again, we express our gratitude to the many people who showed support and waited until his release. We demand a lot of encouragement and love for the actor Im Sivan, who will actively promote after the dismissal," the statement said.

Siwan should return as an actor with the forthcoming drama of OCN "Aliens of Hell" (working title).

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