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Suzy Talks About Growing Up As An Actress While Filming “Vagabond”

“Vagabond” has gifted Suzy a special experience.

"Vagabond" tells the story of a stuntman named Cha Dal Gun (Lee Seung Gi) who stumbles upon a massive corruption scandal while trying to uncover the truth behind a mysterious plane crash. He teams up with a National Intelligence Service (NIS) secret agent named Go Hae Ri (Suzy) to investigate the case.

Suzy described, “I approached my character by sharing a lot of opinions with the director and the writers. I decided to make Go Hae Ri someone with a little passion for work who does more than her given duties. ”Then she added,“ I wanted to show her inner turmoil as someone who didn't want to get caught up in the case as as much as possible but gradually begins to focus on the case and the people around her as she goes through various processes. To make her choices seem more realistic, I needed to give her a sense of justice at first, and gradually, I wanted the audience to share her feelings of the decisions she made over time. ”

Above all, this is the first time Suzy has done such a diverse drama that it cost 25 billion won (approximately $ 21 million) to make and one year to film. So this drama holds special meaning to her since she is going to be a new challenge for her as an actress.

Suzy commented, “Despite the pressure of success, I was more excited about this drama. I was happy to be part of a good drama with great directors, writers, production crew, and senior actors. ”

Regarding the difficult filmmaking experience for a year, she explained, “I was physically exhausted from filming for a long time, but there was a sense of joy that I could explain when I finished the long-term filming experience. When I first watched the broadcast, I became tearful because my memories and emotions at the time of the shooting came together and hit me. [This drama] has a special place in my heart, and I feel like it gave me a lot of unforgettable memories from learning many things. ”

“Vagabond” airs every Friday and Saturday at 10 p.m. KST.

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