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Start Epic 15: Kim Sion Ho completes the love triangle; Susie and Nam oo Hook reunite, but the ratings drop slightly

“Start-up” premiered in the 15th episode. The episode witnessed Kim Seon Ho’s Han Pi Pyong breaking away from the love triangle, allowing Nam oo Hyuk’s Susie Dao Mi Mi and Nam Do San to unite.

WARNS: Forward spoilers:

Start-ups plunged in the last week in hopes of giving fans a shutdown. The fifteenth episode witnessed a number of events that led to the reunion of Si Dal Mi (Susie) and Nam Do Sun (Nam oo Hook). The episode began with Dal Mi, Do Sun, and the team clearing their license to fly a car with flying colors. Watching the team celebrate, Won In Jae finds out about a company looking for bidders for their standalone car set up and expresses its interest in seeing Dal Mi and her team participate in it.

Fearing loss, Dahl Mi refuses to participate. Citing the possibility of the team falling apart, she chooses to play it safe. Han Pi Pyong (Kim Seon Ho) agrees with the decision, but Do Sun is not on the same page. The trio accidentally gets stuck in the elevator when Do Sun presents a valid argument to Pi Pyongyang. He urges you to risk failures give them experience. He also performs Dal Mi sailing with an ideology without a map and leaves Dal Mi to reconsider her decision to participate in the bidding.

Jii Pyongyang, meanwhile, makes a final attempt to play with Do San when he asks him to return the letters. In return, Do Sun asks him to return the money factory Dali Mi gave him during the initial episodes. While the duo initially agrees to the whisper, Do San withdraws, leaving Pi Pyongyang with no choice but to land at his house. The duo ends up drinking all night before Jii Pyongyang raises the white flag. He urges Do Sun to get rid of his insecurities and conquer Dal Mi.

Dal Mi and Do Sun unite at the Sandbox room and decide to participate in the offer. Jii Pyong, on the other hand, begins to avoid Dal Mi. But he could not run too much for both tracks and set a brave face. Accepting his fate, he continues to show his support for Dal Mi. Meanwhile, his stepfather and brother-in-law are planning an attack under the belt against Dal Mi and Do Sun by sending a reporter and announcing a recent ransop breach

The episode ends with a final twist in the creation and a joke that Pi Pyong is making the final roll to save Dal Mi, Do Sun and the team. The final weekend left Twitter to discuss, but Soompi reports that the pre-finale episode saw a slight drop in ratings. According to Nilsson Korea, the Start-up Ep 15 saw an average national rating of 5.0 percent compared to 4.7 and 5.2 percent for its two parts last week.

What did you think of Start-Up Ep 15? Let us know your review in the comments below.

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