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Soh Rui Jong's Birthday Message – Everything That Happens is a Result of Speaking the Truth – Independent News

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SINGAPORE – SOOA winner back Sou Rui Yong has recently been in the spotlight for his exclusion from this year's games and his refusal to step down.

The marathoner didn't catch him at this year's SOAAS Games because he "showed behavior that does not meet the standards of behavior and behavior that SNOF expects and retains its athletes," according to the National Olympic Council of Singapore.

Mr Soh has since been battling the Internet, hitting back at Singapore Athletics for failing to contest SNOK's decision and blocking him from his WhatsApp talks and social media pages.

The Marathoner who turns 28 on Tuesday, August 6th, expressed his version of the story on his blog runsohfast.com in the post entitled "My 28th Birthday Message to My Supporters, Ashley Lev and SNOF".

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First, he thanked everyone who supported him in what he called the "battle for truth and justice", especially those who signed the petition to bring it back in line for the SEA Games.

But he quickly came to the point where he wrote the post in the first place, saying that the purpose of this blog post was "to clarify some facts and bring us back to focus on the main point of discussion: The Ashley Sports Story" at the 2015 SOASA Marathon. ”

Addressing SNOK, he wrote, "Now, I will address the National Olympic Council in Singapore:Let's not kid ourselves. "

"Everything that has happened over the past few days has resulted in me speaking the truth of the Ashley Liv sporting story.

"As far as I know – the threats from you, through Singapore Athletics CEO Malik Ajunidid, that I will be taken away by the team, I only started after."

Runner Ashley Liv received a sports leadership award after 28th South East Asian Games 2015, with poor visibility, he took the wrong turn, giving him an unfair advantage. Mr Liv was waiting for the runners instead of going forward, an act that seemed to cost him a place in the race.

Mr Soh, who won the event, countered the story by posting it on Facebook, calling it untrue. The argument escalated into legal agreements, and Mr Soh called on SNOK for the failure "to remain neutral and to investigate the truth".

Since SNOK never specified the exact nature of the deplorable attitude and behavior that excluded him from this year's SO Games, the marathoner outlined what these might be, and then revealed them all.

  1. Protesting the time-out rule, which seemed unfair to athletes with personal sponsorships to support and promote personal sponsors on social media during the blackout period. That issue was resolved in 2017 (I received a warning letter) and I never mentioned it all at once.
  2. Cutting holes in my racing single to tackle heat and humidity in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, at the 2017 SOAA Games Marathon. I'm not sure why this creates a bad attitude or behavior as it is not against competition rules and is often done by elite athletes on the world stage. Maybe our sports reps need to wake up and get acquainted with modern times and modern science? In any case, (the incident was) never mentioned.
  3. Protesting that I made my 20% donation to my $ 10,000 prize for the SEA Gold medal at the Singapore SEA Games after the 2017 SEA Games. This was resolved in 2017 with me eventually donating 20% ​​in protest.
  4. Calling SNOK biased and failing to "properly" investigate the story of the Ashley Liv sport event.

The marathoner then made a list of birthday wishes, showing that he was looking forward to leaving these problems behind. First, he asked that "certain sports leaders, especially those in SNOK," come to your senses – it's okay to be wrong and apologize. It is wrong to continue to insist that you are right, without researching the questions that are raised. “

N.I have urged his supporters to keep politics out of the matter, as some have been targeted by the ruling Action Party (PAP), since SNOK President, Parliament Speaker Tan Yuan-Jinin, is a member of the PAP.

Third, the marathoner offered to offer an olive branch to his racer Mr Liv. "If you are ready, I welcome you to contact me so we can meet and talk through it. I want to find out why you said exactly that you were slow to wait for us, and why I didn't see what you claimed you did. Maybe we can do it without going out on the field, or we'll get something worse for Singapore sports. "

In the end, Mr Soh said, he is not a SNOW but a Singapore.

"Having already made history for Singapore by winning the SaaS Games Marathon back and forth, I look forward to researching my marathon that goes beyond the SOAA Games and hopefully one day I will be able to succeed at a higher level Singaporeans can be proud.

If there's anything running a marathon and one of my life mentors has taught me, it's to fight a good fight and never give up until you finish the race. "/ TISG

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