Monday , June 14 2021

Six foods that can cause diabetes

Шесть продуктов, способных спровоцировать диабетLimit your intake to a minimum.

Diet in exercise plays an important role in preventing disease and improving health. However, the use of certain products may lead to the development of second-type diabetes.

This was told by the dietitian Jelena Tolokonnikowa.

1. Wheat products

These products are digested very quickly and cause an increase in the level of sugar in the blood. All thanks to refined flour. The dietitian advises eating whole grains.

Diabetes of the second type – causes
• hormonal disorders and diseases
• exposure to chemicals or drugs;
• change in insulin receptors
• pancreatic diseases (cancer, pancreatitis, etc.);
• genetic syndromes.

2. White rice

Frequent use of this product (4-5 times a week) can lead to second type diabetes. This product contains low fiber and a large amount of glucose gets into the bloodstream immediately.

That's why you have to exchange white rice for brown or red.

3. Sausage

The daily use of this product may cause a shortage of insulin. But the risk of diabetes increases by 50%.

4. Milk

Despite the fact that milk and dairy products are considered healthy, they can lead to diabetes. All because of the abundance of saturated fats that can cause insulin insufficiency.

The dietitian said that more than a glass of milk for an adult is not necessary.

5. Food containing sugar

It significantly increases the level of glucose in blood products containing sugar – non-alcoholic beverages, packaged juices and alcohol.

6. Sweets

Everything depends on the amount of use. If you eat a lot of sweets, it can lead to overweight and diabetes.

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