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Second tranche of Budget 2020 food vouchers to be delivered to 150,000 Singaporeans

SINGAPORE: The second payment of food vouchers Budget 2020 will be delivered to the homes of 150,000 eligible recipients, the Ministry of Finance (YEF) announced on Sunday (December 6th).

The ministry said it had agreed with the Singapore Post on two deliveries to eligible vouchers.

“We will make up to two deliveries home to the recipients. The first delivery will take place during four Saturdays, from December 12, 2020 to January 2, 2021, by zip code,” said the YEF.

“If there is no one at home to receive the vouchers on the first delivery, we will make a second delivery between next Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).”

YEF added: “If the vouchers are not delivered after the two attempts, we will leave a notice card for the recipients to collect their grocery vouchers in a specific post office within 10 working days.”

Grocery voucher delivery schedule YEF 1

Grocery voucher delivery schedule YEF 2

Announced in the budget on February 18, the food vouchers aim to “help the poorer Singaporeans with the costs of their households in this time of extraordinary economic uncertainty,” the YEF said.

Singaporeans aged 21 and over who live in 1 and 2 room HDB apartments and do not own more than one property are entitled to these vouchers.

Each eligible recipient receives food vouchers worth US $ 300 in 2020 – US $ 150 each in October and at the end of 2020 – and another 100 COURTS in October 2021. They will be automatically awarded food vouchers and will receive their vouchers individually.

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READ: arrested arrested for allegedly stealing food vouchers from mailboxes


The new delivery method, the YEF said, took into account feedback and learning points from the October payment.

“It is trying to better balance the safety, security and convenience of the recipients,” the ministry said.

The first batch of vouchers, each worth $ 150, was sent in October to Singapore’s 150,000 residents by registered mail. But there have been a number of arrests following the theft of some of these vouchers from HDB blocks across Singapore.

Last month, Second Finance Minister Indrani Rajah told parliament that less than 0.2 per cent, or 229 sets of the 2020 Budget food vouchers sent, had been reported stolen since October 28.

Ms Indrani said the “vast majority” of grocery vouchers had reached their intended recipients “smoothly”.

Based on investigations by the Singapore police force, the thefts “appear to be opportunistic and the cases unrelated”, she added, noting that in some cases the letter boxes had been left unlocked.

On Sunday, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Svi Keith said he hoped the second tranche of vouchers would provide “additional assistance” during the “challenge”.

“During this challenge, we know that household expenses can weigh on the minds of the poorer families among us,” he said.

“We previously paid the first tranche of the food vouchers in October, which helped cover the recipients’ household expenses. “I hope the second round of vouchers will provide additional assistance.”

Food vouchers for Budget 2020 can be used in the following participating supermarkets: FairPrice, Giant, Prime and Sheng Siong.

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