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Retinol Oil Exists And It's Going To Transform Your Skin

Hold onto your seats, you guys, because your affair with vitamin A is about to be taken to a whole new level.

We all know that retinol (AKA vitamin A) is one of the greatest skin care ingredients. Thanks to its ability to promote cellular turnover and skin renewal, it's pretty much the go-to for fighting lines and wrinkles, improving elasticity and firmness, smoothing out tone and texture, slowing away congestion, and just generally working overtime to help your skin reach its maximum potential. It sounds like magic, but just simply the beauty of science.

We are all likely to get our (gradually-built) hit of retinol from the usual suspects: moisturisers, serums and treatments. But now things are changing and you need a new way to get your vitamin A dose, and you think it's a bit of a game-changer.

Enter: retinol oil.

Yep, two of the – we think – the best things to come out of skin care have joined forces. So why are we making such a big fuss over this combo?

Well, we already have what is great about retinol, but the oil formulation that we believe could really take your skin appearance up a notch.

As we get older, our natural production of oil slows. So, our skin becomes more dehydrated as we age, and we need to put in more effort to make up for that deficit. While any moisturizer, serum or hydrating ingredient is always welcome to help cause, since the outer layers of your skin are oil-based, an oil is one of the greatest ways to keep the skin barrier soft, juicy and hydrated.

So when you combine all of those excellent cell renewal and wrinkle-fighting benefits of retinol with the insane hydration benefits of an oil, that said a pretty good thing, right? Right.

One of the newest retinol oils to hit shelves is the Neutrogena® Rapid Wrinkle Repair® retinol oil. While it may be the youngest child of the Rapid Wrinkle Repair® family, we predict this bottle of anti-aging goodness will quickly become a cult favorite. Apart from the fact that the luxe oil absorbs quickly to leave a soft, velvety finish on the skin, what it does on the inside that really counts. Boasting retinol SA – an ingredient that has been scientifically proven to be superior to other forms of vitamin A, including pro-retinol and retinyl palmitate – the overnight oil features exclusive sustained action to work as you sleep intensely nourish, replenish, and renew the look of your skin. It helps smooth wrinkles and reduce the appearance of dark spots, so you wake up to radiant, younger-looking skin.

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