Sunday , April 11 2021

Neymar suspended three matches in the Champions League to officiate at the official competition

Neymar was suspended for three European games to officiate officials from the social media match since Paris Saint-Germain was eliminated from Manchester United in the Champions League.

The penalty, imposed by UEFA Friday, will see the Brazilian international miss half of the group stage of the Champions League next season.

Neymar marked the video assistant system (VAR) as "shame" after Manchester United awarded a decisive penalty for the last elevation of 3-1 in the second round of the 16th round of the Parc des Princes last month to advance in the quarter-final 3-3 of goals.

The 27-year-old can only be seen from Parc des Princes, and later the contact, as his team-mates dropped the lead from two goals before Transferele Kimpepe was punished for handball after the VAR's rematch in the last few minutes.

"This is a shame," Neymar appeared on Instagram after the match. "Four guys who do not know anything about football see a representation of a slow motion in front of the TV.

"It was nothing! What can [Kimpembe] with his hand, until the back is turned? Go f — yourself! "

PSG coach Thomas Tuschel said the Brazilian international made his comments in the heat of the moment, stressing that he should not be sanctioned.

Earlier, former PSG player Sergio Aurier and Neymar's current teammate Gianluigi Buffon were hit by bans in three match-fixing matches for Champions League officials.

Neymar is now back in action with PSG after the missing three months with injury. He expects to appear against Rehn in the French Cup final on Saturday, while continuing to work on the construction of his fitness during the Copa America on home soil in the summer.

PSG qualified for the Champions League next season by winning the title in League One.

The correspondent of ESPN FC PSG and Reuters contributed to this report.

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