Thursday , January 21 2021

Mila Jovovi доаѓа comes to “Monster Hunter World: Iceborne”

Monster Hunter’s latest collaboration is with… Monster Hunter. Today, Kapcom announced that special content based on the upcoming Monster hunter the movie is coming The world of monster hunters: Icy ice. The big draw is a quest with a player starring Artemis – the character that Mila Jovovich (The fifth element, Resident Evil) plays in a movie in live action. “To really immerse you in the movie atmosphere, Artemis will be voiced by Mila Jovovich herself and will speak in English, while the NPC will speak in ‘the language of the monster hunters,'” Capcom explained on the blog.

The two-part event will make you accept a Black Devil, and later a great creature Ratalos. If you are successful, the game will give you prey inspired by the upcoming movie. This means that you can look like Artemis while dealing with everything else the game has to offer. Content will fall on December 3rd at 4pm, or at midnight on December 4th in the UK. The second is the release date of the film in the UK – it will not premiere in the US until December 25. We have already seen several trailers for the film, which follows a group of soldiers after they fell through a portal into the world of the monster hunter.

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