Monday , January 18 2021

"Lionel Messi is ahead of Alfredo Di Stefano and Pele"

Former captain of FC Barcelona praised the praise for the five-time winner of "Bolognese d'Or" Lionel Messi, arguing that the Argentine has already surpassed the legendary duo Alfredo Di Stefano and Pele.

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At all times, a record shooter Blaugrana and Albiceleste have long been the subject of widespread debate and comparisons with Cristiano Ronaldo, Di Stefano, Diego Maradona, Johan Cruyf and Pele, who can be considered the greatest player all time.

Coming to the Los Blancos Di Stefano's legend during his 10 seasons with Barcelona, ​​the former midfielder and the Catalan club, Josep Maria Fuste, have now been debating the fiercely contested topic.

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"I have not seen anyone better than Messi," he told Radio MARK.

"I always thought that Pele and Alfredo Di Stefano had set the bench, but I think Messi is ahead of those two."

The triple winner of the Copa del Rey also commented on the second match of Barcelona's quarter-final against Manchester United on Tuesday night.

"This Barcelona has many players who know how to play," he added.

"Those who start are very good, but the other players (on the bench and outside the team) still have to adapt to this style."

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Messi is currently the top scorer in the top five European leagues, and scored 43 goals in 41 games in all competitions so far this season.

Do you think Messi is the best player on this planet? If not, who is? Have your opinion in the comments section below.

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