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I Feel Horrible: Dennis Yev apologizes for Brownface's "e-payment" advertising, Singapore News

SINGAPORE – Actor and DJ Denis Yew apologized Wednesday (August 7th) for a Brownebee e-pay ad that sparked controversy because it is racially insensitive.

The announcement featured the ethnic Chinese actor as four characters, including a Malayan in Tudung and an Indian with visibly dark skin.

In an Instagram post at 7pm, Mr Jev said: "My role in the recent ad has caused a lot of disappointment. For many days I kept what I had to say, afraid of making things worse. I feel terrible about how things turned out. "

Mr Chewaka, who said he "cannot remove things", went to apologize.

"We live in a harmonious multicultural society and we can never take it for granted. Will set higher expectations than myself. I will do better than my family, friends, colleagues and most importantly all of you, "he said.

The ad was widely shared on the Internet and drew polarized opinions about its representation of racial minorities in Singapore.

A tweet from the account of Ms Ruby Tiagarayan, editor-in-chief of Mina magazine, an annual issue, slammed the ad on July 26.

The tweet, which captured a picture of the ad, reads: "Brownhaus in an advertisement in Singapore in 2019. I thought we were already through this … "

The ad was also the subject of controversial video rap posted on Facebook and YouTube on July 29 by local YouTuber Preeti Nair and her brother, rapper Subas Nair.

The video, which contains abusive language, was made in response to the ad.

The controversial rap video would provoke more racism, not less: Jummugam

The video has been removed from Facebook and other social media channels after a police report was filed against it.

Mr Chew's post comes amid several apologies for the incident, including those from e-payment firm Nets and the creative agency Havas in the Singapore world.

Nair's sisters also issued two apologies in response to their video.

Minister of Internal Affairs and Law Shanmugam said the video "crosses the line" and is unacceptable.

"When you use four-letter words, vulgar language, attack another race, publicize them, we have to draw the line and say 'unacceptable'," he said.

Mr Shanmugam also said that Nair's brothers and sisters had the right to talk about racism, but the way they did it was wrong.

"We want to build a cohesive society, but racism spoils and deepens the mistakes in society. We've done a lot to counter that, and we've determined what we're doing, "he added.

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