Monday , June 14 2021

How to avoid accidents while driving during fog

How to avoid accidents when running in fogHow not to get into an accident.

Fog – unlike ice, drifts, holes and other typical obstacles on the road – does not hinder pressure on the gas and hurries forward with speed.

Especially if the road marks and other cars on the road a little. But hurrying such a brave driver is usually straight into the abyss, because when 20 meters from his haze of gray mist suddenly swam a slow truck, do something too late.

Therefore, reasonable speed – this is the first answer to the question of how to drive in a fog.

The speed should be such that the sight distance you have enough for an emergency stop. To guess the right person is not easy, because the fog density is rarely stable, constantly changing.

And also often prevents false complacency, which after a while keeps the driver for a quarter of an hour, will milk this white, and nothing bad happens – and the speed itself increases.

Another fog problem is the inability to see the road. In many cases, it can be withdrawn from the road in a ditch or even more. It is easier to stay on the course if there are signs and shoulders marked with signs or strikes on the sidewalk.

Well, if the coating is "decorated" holes, then many bad things: all other threats add a perspective to repair the suspension or change the tire on the road in conditions of insufficient visibility.

The daylight in the fog slightly helps, but they need to engage to make your car visible to other road users. But the night lights, of course.

High light when driving in the fog just hurts, illuminating the small drops of water that make up the fog, creates anterior hood from a white impenetrable wall. Sometimes this mode applies and blinks, in this case, you can try using the headlamp to lower the beam as much as possible, visibility usually improves after that.

Since the fog behind the steering wheel is not always clear which exterior lighting is on, you need to understand how to control the front and rear lights.

But the main advice on how to drive in the fog is: if you are not sure for a reliable movement, you must stay in a quiet place and wait for bad weather. If it is possible to find a safe place, there is no need to move as deep as possible and turn off the lights and emergency lights.

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