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Every morning, customers buy American donuts so that the owner can take care of a sick wife World News


Over the past few weeks, people have been waiting in line for Donut City from 4.30 in the morning, and sweet sweets are coming from the bakery shelves in Seal Beach, California.

And the reason why customers buy the store in record time?

The point is that the owner John Chhan may close the shop earlier and spend more time with his wife Stella, who is ill.

The couple has been supplying fresh products to its community for over thirty years. Their store is popular not only for donuts, but also for their warm parties.

So when Stella did not show up at work one day, anxious customers started asking Chhana what had happened to her.

The patient suffered from a brain aneurysm on September 22 and recuperated in a nursing home. Her husband is able to visit her only in the afternoon after selling all the donuts and cleaning the store.

John and Stella Chhan had Donut City in Seal Beach, California for three decades. But when Stella could not work anymore, …

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Chhan said in an interview with abc13 that it was a difficult period for him and he felt "pain in his heart". "We work together, we are together," he said about his wife.

And when the couple's community found out about their situation, they started to act.

"Days passed, and I just could not get it out of my head," said Dawn Caviola, a customer in Orange County's register. "So I thought that if enough people bought a dozen donuts each morning, they could close early and go with my wife."

Caviola decided to reach neighbors on the Nextdoor message board, and her suggestion received overwhelming answers.

People in the community began early in the morning queuing up at the store and buying donuts and croissants in dozens. At eight o'clock in the morning, Chhan had to discard the customers, because all the sweet sweets were sold out.

This allowed him to finish work before noon and visit his wife earlier, he said.

Other friendly customers contacted Chhan to help him set up a fundraising website, but this was an offer he eventually rejected.

For now, the man said he wants to spend as much time with his wife as possible.

"He can speak, write, and now he is trying to eat something …" he said in an interview for CBS Local.

Chhan also took the opportunity to thank his kind clients, saying, "I appreciate it, I just can not say thank you enough."

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