Wednesday , June 16 2021

Doctors suggested that they cleanse their body

The medics have suggested how to properly cleanse the bodyThis detoxification will be beneficial to all.

Excess sugar causes diabetes, obesity, heart problems, liver and other organs. The transition from decision to action is the hardest thing anyway. But if you are determined to clear the body of sugar and start to feel better, write on a piece of paper the reasons why you need it.

His notes are spread all over the apartment – they will be your constant reminder and will not wander from the right path. Hang a list of the refrigerator, the mirror in the toilet, put it on your chair, in the car on the dashboard, and be sure to report support to your loved ones. On the first day I got used to the idea.

Stop eating sugar – it's not easy, but you started this detoxification, and then you need it. Just stop eating candy, including all artificial sweeteners – they do more harm than good. They increase the desire for sugar and lead to accumulation of fat in the body.

Pay attention to the drinking mode. We do not talk about tea and coffee, but for ordinary water, it does not contain calories. Without drinks bought from a store, the only thing you can afford is home-made fresh fruit and vegetable juices, but in very small quantities. Sugar, present in drinks, causes more harm than foods, as it is absorbed faster by the body and stored fat.

The diet should be balanced! The body must receive proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Our ancestors came with different sayings and sayings for Breakfast is not a coincidence. It should be rich in protein because the protein normalizes blood sugar, insulin and reduces diabetes.

It's time to refuse from bread, pasta and potatoes – they contain starch, which inhibits metabolism. But every vegetable, just good. Because the body needs carbohydrates. Prefer: broccoli, asparagus, green beans, green onions, zucchini and healthy tomatoes, fennel, almond, artichokes and peppers.

We look fat is excess sugar, not fat, do not leave them, because they help us to be cheerful and energetic. They help to balance blood sugar. Turn on your diet nuts, olive oil, fatty fish. Turkey meat, salmon, blueberries and almond oil will help reduce the need for sugar.

Often we are ready to cute, when we are nervous, so we can control stress. Yoga exercises will help you. Be prepared for mood swings while leaving the sugar. Feeling better will help you to sleep – the lack of sleep also requires sugar to upgrade for lack of energy. As with any detoxification process, the rest is crucial and plays an important role in the recovery process.

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