Saturday , October 16 2021

Cricket: Second successive victory of Oman

The day after Kenya crushed the tournament on Friday, Duleep Mendis defeated Singapore with four goals to reach the top of the six-point table with four points.

Oman won the throw and then proved that the decision on the first field was correct. Fast music lover Bilal Khan continued his good spell from Friday when he claimed he had three, and when captain Zeeshan Maqsood (2-18) and Khawar Ali (2-34) spin limited Singapore to 185 out of nine out of 50 overów. Aritra Dutta with 38 points leading to Singapore, while Captain Chetan Suryawanshi (37) and Anish Param (33) were the other main runners.


Monet Patel from the US celebrates his tone against Uganda on Saturday

Pursuing a modest goal, Oman lost his Aashba Ilyas (11) cheaply, and when Khawar Ali (16) and Suraj Kumar (0) fell in the same match as Janak Prakash, the hosts seemed to be in trouble 59 for the three to eleven above. The departure of Mohammad Nadeem made Oman in trouble with 75 for four in 17 breaks.

Jatinder Singh's patient, a 62-shot 41-fold shot, finished 21-fold rewind. He was handed over to Maqsood (43 out of the pitch) and to Mehran Khan, who convalesced thanks to the 59-pole sixth goal to bring the team closer to the goal. . Mehran

18-ball 23, which included two huge sixes, and then undefeated 26 from Fayyaz Butt, saw that the team is returning home at 37.4.

Earlier on Friday, Oman raised Kenya with five goals to make campaign in style.

Oman announced Kenya for a poor 164 with a thin Kaleemullah, who scored four points for 26, and Bilal Khan twice for 31.

The pursuit of Oman began with a staggering start when Aqib Ilyas stroked five frontiers in his 22 out of 20 spheres. Another opener, Jatinder, dropped 33 of the 49 balls before he was released, leaving Maqsood to run the rest of the chase.

Although he only needed 31 more to win in the final 18 rallies and six goals in hand, Oman cautiously approached this format in which the final day could play a decisive role in the tie-breaker net (NRR). Oman took over 43 overs to win, but not earlier than Maqsood raised his half-century (53) from 93 balls.

On the next game on Saturday Uganda took a 54-meter route from the hands of the United States. Fancied the US sent a hard target of 253 to win for Uganda, which was limited to 198 out of nine.

The hero of the American win was the opener Monank Patel, who hit 107 of 137 bullets.

According to ESPNcricinfo, the win was controversial because the Uganda allgejn Irfan Afridi was withdrawn from the attack after captain Roger Mukasa was allegedly entrusted by the judges on the pitch that Afridi would not be punished for suspicious activities if he continued the spell.

Short results: Singapore 185-9 in 50 overach (Dutta 38, Suryawanshi 37, Bilal 3-31, Maqsood 2-18, Ali 2-34, Jay Odedara 1-33, Fayyaz Butt 1-38) lost to Oman 186-6 in 37.4 transfers (Jatinder 41, Maqsood 43 No., Prakash 3-16).

US 252-6 in 50 overach (Monank 107, Hayden Walsh 47, Henry Ssenyondo 2-44) beat Uganda 198-9 in 50 overach (Arnold Otwani 52, Deusdedit Muhumuza 43 no, Timil Patel 3-28, Walsh 2-33, Saurabh Netravalkar 2-33).

Matches on Friday: Kenya 164 on 49.2 matches (Rakep Patel 36, Kaleemullah 4-26, Bilal 2-31, Jay Odedara 2-25) lost to Oman 166-5 in 42.5 flips (Maqsood 53 No.; Jatinder Singh 33; Dhiren Gondaria 2-31).

Denmark 165 all out in 44.4 overs (Mads Henriksen 43, Hamid Shah 31, Charles Waiswa 4-25, Riazat Ali Shah 2-24, Henry Ssenyondo 2-26) lost to Uganda 167-5 in 36.2 overs (Arnold Otwani 88, Saif Ahmed 2-33).


"We will be better when the tournament will develop"

Despite recording the second victory, Oman coach Duleep Mendis expressed concern about the slow pace of his team at the end of the game.

Speaking of the nervous victory of four teams over Singapore on Saturday, Mendis said: "I would expect my boys to end the game in a better way. We've lost too many goals on a good track.

"I think that we should pursue these goals somewhat more comfortably."

However, the former great Sri Lankan said that the two wins back together will give their boys a lot of confidence before the more difficult matches against Denmark, the USA and Uganda.

"Each win is important and increases the confidence of the team and we look forward to the next matches," said the coach.

"I am sure that as the tournament progresses, we will be a better team" – he added.

Oman has a two-day break before he meets Denmark in the third game on Tuesday. "We have a two-day break, the boys can rest and work on their game, and meet the Danish people," Mendis said.

Captain Maqsood, who became a judge on Saturday, said his impact against Singapore was in line with the team's management plan.

"When the gates were falling, I knew I had to stay inside and play the role assigned to me by my trainer, he wants me to hit the middle order and anchor the rounds to the very end, I'm glad I could do it," said Maqsood.

The captain added: "We won two of the two, but we know we have a better game ahead of us and we need to play better to increase our chances of winning this tournament."

Captain Oman said that his team suffered from a weak runny net (NRR) in previous tournaments and was aware of that. "We want to win all our games, but we need to keep in mind the net rate that may turn out to be key in the end. In our next games we need to do more to improve over the NRR," he said.

After two games, Oman has NRR + 0.883, while the USA, which is second in the standings, has NRR +1.08 after winning the first match against Uganda on Saturday.

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