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Battlefield 5 – tips for new players and serial veterans

If you're just starting out on Battlefield 5, you may feel a little overwhelmed. Fortunately, we are here to help.

Battlefield 5 is here and is loaded with upgrades and changes to almost every mechanic and game mode. Even compared to the beta release version, it proved to be a good part of the purification.

To better track everything, we have created a series of articles that will help you to make a good sense of what's important. In order not to avoid our general tips with things like the dynamics of a new class with Combat Roles or detailed explanations of key mechanics, such as exhaustion and determination, we divided them to their own pages.

You can imagine how important they are to the battlefield experience, and we usually recommend that you begin with those before you dive below. This is where you will find a collection of some of the best tips we've collected so far from playing, both for new players and for veterans.

3D tracking has disappeared, but you can customize it

Battlefield 5 was freed from the famous 3D tracking, otherwise known as orange-red dorotos. For the first time in years, you can be secret, but not less lethal. Gunfire will not automatically notice you to minimize, and you will not run around with an orange triangle above your head whenever someone looks at your general direction.

If you are not attacked, you can safely assume that the enemy does not know you are there. The detection button now sets a contextual marker, similar to the "Rainbow Six Siege". You can safely use it to alert your teammates in the general direction of the enemy, but that's for that. Depending on the map and the terrain, some uniforms fit in the environment better than others. This will make life easier for campers, but you are not completely helpless.

The glow of the ice is much brighter now, and it will be something that will help you to notice your enemies most of the time in Battlefield 5. You can not diminish the flash-enabled accessories with the game, too. Use this to use them, and always focus on whether there is a glitter from the muzzle.

Your teammates will always have icons above your heads, so you will immediately know if you aim for a friend or an enemy. The Recon Reconnaissance Scope is the only gadget that can appear on 3D in Battlefield 5, and its flare gun is able to detect miniscule enemies within a limited radius once it is fired, as it always has. The oppressive enemies will also have a very noticeable icon above their heads for those who pay attention, but these are not quite classical dosites and can be difficult to miss.

Another thing to keep in mind is the movement. This is obviously harder to discover than a snake wave, which is even more complicated thanks to the unpredictable rhaddole movements that take place wherever you look, but can help. The sniper can often be the easiest to notice, because their positions are sometimes given away from the scope.

You can create custom bindings on consoles

Players of PS4 and Xbox One can now adjust each individual action in Battlefield 5, just like their computer friends for years.

Beyond the various control patterns and various other minor settings you can mess up, you can now change the key links using any of the controller buttons. Some things like the DualShock 4 Touchpad can be a little cumbersome, but you will immediately know if the game treats it as one button or multiple.

This is also perfect now that the button on the spot may not be as important as it used to be.

Always keep track of tasks and orders

A great way to earn a coin on the company (currency in game), and XP in Battlefield 5 is to stay at the top of the tasks and daily orders. Daily orders are small challenges that are refreshed every day, and you will not have to do anything to activate them.

They will monitor your progress in the background, and all you need to do is to fulfill your requirements to reward the award. Tasks, on the other hand, require little more participation. You have four slots and you can choose which tasks to download.

This can be done from the main menu, and you can monitor your progress at any time during the match by pressing Esc and selecting the appropriate option. Finishing tasks assigns you with a coin and XP. Their requirements are obviously more robust than daily orders, and may require you to change game modes or play as a particular class to be completed.

Always take a few moments to read and understand each request, and activate the tasks that you think you can complete. It does not make sense to go with an empty slot, if you can fill it with a task.

Do not forget about the team's reinforcement menu

The team's leaders have always been able to streamline the efforts of the team by issuing orders, but they have basically points in the battlefield 5.

Each action you make as part of a team contributes to the rating points of your team's representation (FW). The more you coordinate yourself as a team, the faster your earnings will be. Battlefield 5 allows team leaders to call in various reinforcements using these points.

The most expensive and disastrous, which is, of course, the rocket V1 / JB2. You can save enough points to call it, or you can spend your FP on much more affordable options before. Certain tanks such as Crocodile or Sturmtiger can be used only with FP.

You can also call in the supply pack for your team that includes ammunition and health packages – the kind of mobile supply station. To schedule one of these, just hold the team up button (according to standard B) and highlight the item you need.

But keep in mind that while you can refine missiles and power supplies, reservoirs are raised only at your team base. It is annoying that you should die or go back to the offspring so that you can use Shurmigger, but that's the way it is at the moment.

All classes can be revived

Another great change that can not be considered so much is the fact that all four classes have the opportunity to revive, not just the doctor. A catch is that this can only be done within the same composition.

Media players can still revive someone in the team, but everyone else can revive their teammates. When you see the green icon of the heart, you will know that someone in your team is seeking revival. If there are no medics, think about giving them a hand.

But be careful, because the team revives the animation is much longer than the regular doctors revive. It leaves you open for a few seconds. Be cautious about the enemies that use your friends on dead bodies like bait to take you both. Use your judgment or throw a grenade off if you have to cover.

It is also worth noting that you can give up any revive (interaction key), if you feel things are heated around you. It can not always save you (and you will undoubtedly allow your team), but that's something to keep in mind.

Embrace – and understand – exhaustion

We talked about depletion in Battlefield 5 many times earlier, recently in our biggest defect of multiplayer. Demolition is something that will probably take you the longest time to completely overturn your head, but you need to understand first what it is doing to be able to do it.

Depending on the selected weapon, you will start with limited ammunition; a total of about three to four magazines. For health, all players appear with one additional health bag. You can swing from a feed station to get an extra magazine after spinning, but you can save only one health bag for your personality.

This may seem limited, but it will better deal with the pace of the multiplayer. Aggressive players can dump ammunition from fallen soldiers, but they will have to rely on medical help or pull back to the delivery station to complement HP. The same goes for campers who do not move around the entire round, and they will inevitably run out of ammunition and will have to move or double to save.

The pressure also controls the way your health regenerates. Now, health regenerates only to the nearest segment of your HP bar. You can use your stored self-healing pouch, but you will need to get more if you spend it. Over time, you will find out when to use the pouch and when you need to wait for HP to regen.

Vehicles must also respect the exhaustion, as they no longer have endless ammunition. As infantry, tankers and pilots will need to pull up to one procurement station so often to provide re-supply. You will also not be able to fix yourself indefinitely, because it also requires recharging a supply station.

For planes, these stations are located near the base, while for tanks they can be built at different points of engagement or found around the map.

Watch your health and ammunition

Continuing from the previous peak; you should always remember the backup ammunition and HP's status. The time to kill in Battlefield 5 is already very short, and with less than 100 HP you will make it look even shorter.

If you decide to cover and see that your health is not recovering back, you will need to use a medical pouch. If you do not, find a doctor or a nearby delivery station. Low-health conduct is usually a recipe for disaster. Also, for ammunition; do not take any action, you will not have enough ammunition to attack players at all levels.

Respect the planned range of weapons. Do not be struggling to go long-range with your SMG with quick release, for example. You will miss most of your shots and end up with much less ammunition, which can make you kill you during your next engagement nearby.

Just as with health, make sure you have at least one additional magazine in reserve. If you are not running around and removing ammo from dead players, ask the support player for it or find a supply station. General ammunition is easier to come up with than medical bags.

Another good way to save ammunition is to use your gun every time you have wings. If you know that you will kill him, it does not make sense to use precious ammunition ammunition when you finish the job with a gun.

No one wants to run away from the middle of the fire or die after having taken a single shot, because they forgot to heal or take ammunition.

You can save the flags in the winning faster

There's a kind of hidden mechanic in the Battlefield 5 DICE inserted into the winning points in the conquest. If you stand closer to the flag, the recording speed will increase.

Yes, as bizarrely, as it may sound, the right to be beneath the flag has its own advantages. Of course, you will be an easy goal for the defenders to hide somewhere in the recording zone, but that does not mean that you can not do this work for your benefit.

If you have one or more teammates covering you, posting your presence will thus take you immediately, which will obviously reveal your shooter to everyone else who captures the zone with you. A cheeky way to free my enemies, but it works.

You can also use this tip when you take a point individually. Once again, it will be an easy goal if someone comes to defend themselves, but can help if you know that you will be alone.

The more co-workers accelerate the capture of the flag, of course, because this mechanic has not changed.

Garanets can be thrown back or shot prematurely

Of all the cool things that you can do in Battlefield 5, throwing a grenade back to an enemy can be among the coolest. This is really simple to do, you just have to press the interaction button (E as standard) and do not forget to do it instead of running.

The detonation fuse of the regular shells in Battlefield 5 is spacious enough to either move away or try to throw it back. This can only be done with traditional fragmented grenades. Every grenade that detonates upon impact, such as impact and flammable grenades, begins to cause damage at the time they land.

Now that you know that you can do this, you may not always get the chance. In many situations, you will not always be sure when the grenade will land on your feet. In the heated fire calculations, it is common for both sides to grab the grenades next to each other, and the timing may be more difficult to determine – but it is certainly worth the effort.

If you throw the grenade alone, you can prevent this from happening by simply shooting – either in the air or when it landed. One shot will immediately activate the grenade. This can be useful whenever you try to kill and not wash your enemy.

Go prone as a last resort against grenades

If you can not throw the grenade back, and there's no where to run, quickly prone. Walking Susceptibly not only allows you to reduce damage to grenades, it can fool your attacker into thinking that you are dead.

This is even more useful when it is lit, either from a combustible grenade or from the environment. Walking inclined will reduce the effect of burning and allow you to recover again – or heal – once more.

Raising a weapon does not change your kit

In Battlefield 5, you can pick up weapons of dead enemies from a land like you've always been in the past in Battlefield games. The only difference this time is that it does not change the rest of your kit – or class.

In other words, you are only taking the primary weapon of the dead player. If you started your life as a doctor, you will remain a doctor until you die. This can be fun to chase after a weapon that is not available for your class, but do not expect the rest of the player's kit to shift.

Also, you should remember that the weapons you are taking can not always have enough ammunition.

Tanks classes are important

You may already be familiar with the structure of the class of lightweight and heavy tanks from Battlefield 1, but Battlefield 5 takes this step further with the updated mechanics of the reservoir.

At the peak of the limited ammunition and repair capabilities that we have previously covered, tanks now also have a turret speed that differs according to the class and types of Specializations you have unlocked. Lightweight tanks will be able to whip their defensive doors faster than heavy tanks. This will make it easier for you to use and surround the tanks as an infantry player, so keep it in mind. Another major change in tackling is that eye matching is not always true in terms of a third party.

While in a third person there is an obvious advantage of allowing you to see around your tank, you will not be able to shoot your footage exactly with the help of third parties. Instead, make a habit of shooting from the first person, especially if it's inconvenient or long-lasting shot.

You should also remember which part of your tank is suitable. If your songs take a lot of damage, you will not be able to navigate, but you may be able to do some damage. Do not leave the ship immediately. Remember, 3D tracking is no longer a thing in Battlefield 5. The non-moving tank is more difficult to detect. This is actually something that players of "War Thunder" and "World of Tanks" will know very well.

Just sit down and wait for your opportunity. Rotate your turret and shoot. Then you are going back to script mode until you get another chance or someone will hear your crying and fix your cracked machine.

You can record notes

Reconnaissance Recon Recon is perhaps the most valuable support tool in Battlefield 5. Release one of these points enemies to the minimum for the entire team. Fire it higher and you will get a larger coverage area.

This is very familiar, but there is a big change to see rockets in Battlefield 5. In a kind of justification in space about how the tool works, you can easily see a flicker that floats in the air as a kind of very primitive UAV. It will often be suspended by a small parachute, which will be reduced when the duration is over.

You can easily save it before it happens, which prevents your team from noticing. However, you will not always see it in the sky, because players can light the flare indoors or hide it somewhere. Сепак, тоа не се менува многу, бидејќи сеуште можете да го најдете и да го уништите.

Не прескокнувајте ги утврдувањата

Новиот систем за утврдување во Battlefield 5 е очигледно многу полесно да се игнорира отколку да се уништи, но нуди фантастични тактички предности ако се ангажирате со него. Секако, не секој сака да седи околу редење песочни вреќи наместо уништен ѕид или пансиони за да се спречат појавите на гранати, но има многу повеќе за утврдувања од тоа.

Како што се опфатени во нашата класа и дебакл на борба против улогата, поддршката е подобра во градењето на утврдувања од било кој друг. Тие, исто така, добиваат повеќе опции недостапни за другите класи.

Уште не е убеден? Замислете да ја присилите непријателската пешадија да биде во право каде што сакате. Можете лесно да го направите тоа што ќе ја опкружуваат точката со бодликава жица и вреќи со песок. Повеќето играчи нема да мислат да ги уништат, па затоа ќе бараат друга влезна точка; ова е вашата шанса да ги срушите.

Истото може да го сторите и за тенкови со изградба на резервоари за застанување за да го запрете нивното напредување и да ги насочите преку поопасни патишта. И исто како што може да се искористи за да се спречи напредокот на непријателот, можете да ги користите утврдувањата за да го уништите уништувањето. Вие сте во можност да ги изградите мостовите, да создадете покритие во средината на никаде со тоа што ќе копате лигавка или ќе ја зацврстите дефанзивната позиција неодамна гранатирана и израмнета. Вие исто така може да се изгради снабдување станици за вашиот тим.

По фаќањето знаме, секогаш е одлична идеја да започнете со изградба на станици за снабдување и здравје. Секој може да го стори тоа, и често ќе видите соиграчи кои помагаат кога ќе забележат некој што се обидува да ги изгради. Нема недостатоци да го направите ова, и тоа е нешто што секогаш треба да го направите ако имате неколку секунди за да ги поштедите.

Сето ова и многу повеќе може да се направи со помош на утврдувања, и лесно можете да видите што е достапно со опремување на вашата алатка за градење (стандардно Т). Треба исто така да се има предвид дека вашите утврдувања може да се искористат против вас, така што не претерувајте точка ако планирате да заминете.

Можете да ги уништите ракетите V1 / JB2 пред да удрат

Ракетниот штрајк од V1 или JB2 е најразумен инструмент што ви стои на располагање како пешадија во Battlefield 5. Тие чинат многу реквизирани реквизити, но ако успеете да натежите зафатен простор, ќе добиете пет, можеби десет убива – да не зборуваме за јасно од точка на повеќето непријатели и утврдувања.

Иако може да се појави овие ракети не може да се уништат, постојат неколку работи што можете да ги направите за да ја спречите или ограничите нивната штета. Пилотите кои летаат околу може да заземат еден за тимот и да летаат директно во ракетата. Ова веднаш ќе ги убие, но исто така ќе ја извади ракетата, заштедувајќи многу на земја.

Овој потег е незгодно да се извлече, бидејќи честопати не знаете од каде ракетата се движи. Тоа, рече, тоа е полесно да се направи во Гранд Операции со оглед на ограничен број на цели. Во освојувањето, можете да се обидете да се погоди врз основа на достапните точки кои се оспоруваат.

За пешадија, може да биде корисно да се утврди дали ракетата е пријателска или не. Најлесен начин да се одлучи е да се провери од која страна на картата доаѓа. Уште еднаш, ова не е лесно да се направи, бидејќи ќе треба да бидете свесни за тоа каде се наоѓате во однос на потомството на тимот и брзо го повикувате. Ако ракетата доаѓа од општата потомство на вашиот тим тогаш не треба да се грижите.

Се разбира, ефектот на удар од ракетата ќе ве удри без разлика, претпоставувајќи дека сте во одреден радиус, но тоа е разликата помеѓу моменталната пауза во акцијата или патувањето назад кон експлозивниот екран. Ако сè друго не успее, секогаш можете да избегате.

Сите оружја започнуваат со опции за вид

Ако сте уморни од раното мелење што треба да го направите во секој мултиплеер стрелач со цел да добиете некои основни додатоци за оружје, ќе бидете среќни да знаете дека не се враќа во Battlefield 5.

Веднаш ќе имате пристап до неколку различни места за вашето оружје, кое што можете да го опремите веднаш штом почнете да играте. Прилозите во Battlefield 5 се само козметички, па мелењето наместо да се префрли на оружје (специјализации) – ова е она што ќе го израмниш оружјето засега.

Функциите кои традиционално се одбележани на прилози, како што е пониската одвратност со компензатор, исто така, станаа дел од видот. Земете неколку моменти за да го прочитате нивниот опис пред да одлучите да инвестирате.

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