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Fortnite season 11 is so close to infuriating. As rumors fly about giant map changes, just remember that another important event is happening at the end of this month: Halloween. Don’t celebrate your Fortnitemare without some style, though. We've rounded up the best officially licensed Fortnite costumes for kids and adults. All of these are from Amazon, but through Spirit Halloween, the longtime holiday shop you may recognize from your local mall.

Check out our favorite Fortnite Halloween costumes below.

Skull Trooper Costume

fortnite halloween costume

  • Skull Trooper Costume for Kids on Amazon – $ 49 – $ 79

No, not a Death Stranding villain. Just one of Fortnite's most popular Fortnitemare skins.

Dark Voyager Costume

fortnite dark something

  • Dark Voyager Costume on Amazon – $ 59.99

Inflatable Fortnite Llama Costume

inflatable llama fortnite

  • Inflatable Fortnite Llama Costume on Amazon – $ 49.99

Drift Two-Piece Costume

fortnite two piece

Brite Bomber Costume

brite bomber

  • Brite Bomber Costume on Amazon – $ 49

Zoey Costume

zoey "class =" alignnone size-large wp-image-2225088 "height =" 1000 "src =" "width =" 720 "/></p><ul><li>Zoey Costume on Amazon – $ 34.99</li></ul><h2>Cuddle Team Leader Costume</h2><p dir=fortnite plush costume

  • Cuddle Team Leader Costume on Amazon – $ 33.95

Brite Bomber Adult Costume

brite bomber adult

  • Brite Bomber Adult Costume on Amazon – $ 59.99

Drift Adult Costume – Jacket

Untitled "class =" alignnone size-full-wp-image-2225091 "height =" 1449 "src =" "width = "641" /></p><h2>Skull Trooper Adult Costume</h2><p dir=skull trooper adult

  • Skull Trooper Adult Costume on Amazon – $ 59.99

Inflatable Llama Costume for Adults

fortnite adult llama

  • Inflatable Llama Costume for Adults on Amazon – $ 59.99

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