Sunday , January 17 2021

A study that says vegan diets lead to broken bones has been uncovered

Newspaper stores took another study criticizing vegan diets. A new study from Oxford claims that vegans are 43% more likely to suffer from broken bones than those who eat meat.

The study followed over 55,000 participants over 18 years and documented nearly 4,000 fractures. The biggest difference between vegan and lean meats seems to be when it comes to hip fractures. Vegans have been found to be 2.3 times more likely to suffer from a hip fracture than those who have eaten meat.

However, one herbalist dismisses the study and its claims as just another “sensational title.”

Dr. Matthew Nagra took to social media to fully expose the latest anti-vegan headline, calling it “fake news”.

Calcium intake

Dr. Naga’s first blow to the study concerned calcium intake in the vegan group. In this study, vegans consumed an average of 591 mg of calcium per day, well below the RDA of at least 700 mg. Conversely, the meat-eating group consumed over 1000 mg per day.

However, as the researchers adjusted their calcium intake, along with confusing variables such as age, smoking, BMI, the magnitude of the risk was reduced. This means that although these factors played a role, they did not pose an increased risk.

Vegan accessories

Although it is common knowledge that all vegans should add at least vitamins B12 and D, only about half of the vegans in the study took supplements.

Dr. Naga sees this as a “huge red flag.” This means that the study did not estimate or adjust these participants’ vitamin intake, and they probably had deficiencies. Because vitamin D is so important for good bone health, this is a huge oversight. He argues that when we consider these variables, those who eat a vegan diet are not at greater risk of broken bones. A high risk of fractures is not inherent in plant-based diets.

The conclusion

Numerous studies have shown that worldwide, the countries that consume the most dairy products have the highest records of osteoporosis. In addition, research suggests that the most critical factor in maintaining healthy bones is engaging in physical activity, not diet.

A properly supplemented vegan diet with whole foods is considered to be the healthiest on earth, and that cannot be ruled out by a study that can be so easily uncovered.

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