Thursday , October 21 2021

A market for 3,300 satellites worth US $ 284 billion over the next decade


According to the 21st edition of its report, Satellites to be built and launched over the next 10 years, Euroconsult predicts that an average of 330 satellites with a weight of over 50 kg will be launched annually by 2026 for government agencies and commercial organizations around the world.

This is a threefold increase over the last decade, when the satellite market experiences a paradigm shift with the emergence of small satellites and large constellations.

"The satellite sector is undergoing mass transformation as more and more commercial and government entities are using constellations to launch new satellite services on Earth," said Rachel Villain, Euroconsult's chief advisor and report editor.

"We predict that more than 40 constellations of different sizes and capacities will launch around 2300 satellites in small or medium Earth orbits for services as diverse as communication, navigation, Earth observation, meteorology, and data collection from Earth's sensors."

3,300 satellites weighing more than 50 kg, which will be launched in 2018-2027, should constitute a $ 284 billion market for the space industry in terms of construction and launching, 25% more than in the past decade.

At the same time, the satellite industry is seeing a decline in prices driven by commercial constellations of small computers introducing new concepts of production and operation, including economies of scale, softwarization and vertical integration up to data analytics.

Governments will remain the largest customers in the satellite and launch industries, and more than 1,300 satellites will be launched in around 70 countries over the next 10 years and their market value will exceed $ 200 billion.

Governments dominate the space industry because well-established cosmic countries replace and expand their satellite systems in orbit, and more and more countries acquire their first functioning satellite systems, usually for communication, Earth observation and image intelligence. 85% of the government market will remain concentrated in 10 countries with recognized space industry (USA, Russia, China, Japan, India and the five largest European countries).

The remaining 60 countries invest in satellite systems to develop national space capabilities or acquire their first systems (usually for communication, Earth observation and image intelligence) to better respond to social and economic development.

In the commercial space sector, Euroconsult believes that approximately 50 companies will launch nearly 2,000 satellites, of which 1,700 will be for 22 commercial constellations (of which one constellation accounts for 70%).

Commercial space is still communication and transmission satellites in geostationary orbit; these satellites account for almost 50% of the $ 70 billion in commercial revenues expected in ten years.

Two other major commercial markets relate to non-stationary constellations of orbital satellites for communication (25% of revenues) and Earth observation (11% of revenues). New commercial markets are emerging for orbital services, such as prolonging life, and for orbital tourism (mainly on the moon).

Research report: Satellites to be built and launched until 2027

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