Tuesday , January 19 2021

4 nanosatellites will be launched into space to track global trade

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While conspiracy theorists may have their eye on more “eyes in the sky”, it seems that the new collection of satellites built by Spear Global based in the UK could play a key role in helping to improve a number of key supply chain functions. .

The company’s four nanosatellites will be placed in low Earth orbit later this month with a mission to analyze global shipping and aviation routes as well as weather forecasts. According to a SpaceDaily.com report, they will join a fleet of over 100 others. surveillance trades used to monitor and forecast movement and environmental factors to help businesses and governments make more informed decisions.

These satellites can be linked to automatic identification systems installed on ocean-going ships to track their locations and transmit information to help them chart the best course, identify ideal operating speeds and know where they are. other ships.

This data is combined with machine learning algorithms to help predict key delivery information, such as estimated port arrival time. Nanosatellites, which are the size of a carrying case, can help improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of global import-export activities.

Although Spire is a private company, the development of the satellites, as well as the launch, is done in collaboration with the UK and European space agencies.

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