Sunday , April 18 2021

16-year-old arrested for criminal intimidation, drug-related offense on Havelock Road, Singapore News

A 16-year-old male teenager was arrested for criminal intimidation and suspected drug-related offenses at Block Havelock Road on Friday afternoon (April 26).

The police told Stomp they received a call for help at 3.12.

Stom's co-founder, Sariph, warned Stum of the incident after seeing police and the Singapore Civil Defense Group arrive at the scene.

"The Disaster Relief and Rescue Team (DART) was here," said Sarifa.

In one of the photos shared by Stemp's collaborator, SCDF employees can be seen by placing an animal packet.

A spokesman for SCDF told Stomp that they responded to a call for help at 4:07 am.

The rescue network and the life package were set as a precautionary measure, while the police negotiated with, and then caught the teenager.

Police investigations are underway.

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