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What's behind the new speed limiter: Police have to 'look at their fingers', but this poses a big problem | Automatic

D. Alihodisic Z. Radovic |

09 November 2019 8:02 pm |

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C. d. Roads of Serbia director Zoran Drobnjak suggests interior ministry tolerate overdraft

Former acting director of Serbia's roads, Zoran Drobnjak on Friday that it will propose to the Interior Ministry to tolerate a 20km / h overpass on highways where speeds of 130km / h are allowed. This would mean that police officers do not punish drivers who chase up to 150 an hour on new sections, such as the one on the east side of Corridor 10, which is open to full-profile traffic. Experts, however, argue that this practice is not known anywhere in the world.

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Drobnjak explained to Novosti that he did not demand a change in the law, but suggested that police "try their fingers". The Road Man justifies his idea by saying that the number of vehicles in our corridors is increasing from five to six million every year. According to him, the "speed" of police officers will speed up traffic and reduce traffic congestion.

"This speed will not be allowed on all highways, but only in certain areas where the sign says 130," Drobnjak said. – This would apply to the section to Jorgos, to the south hand of Corridor 10 to Nis, as well as to the new part of Pirot to Dimitrovgrad. That speed will not apply to tunnels, where, for example, on Corridor 11, the limit is 80 kilometers per hour.

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According to Novosti that the acceleration tolerance would jeopardize traffic safety, Drobnjak says statistics show that there are fewer traffic accidents on highways than all other roads.

Damir Okanovic, director of the Traffic Safety Committee, warns that such a practice is legally impossible and unacceptable.

Photo: B. Rajcevic

"The traffic police are obliged to enforce the law and, as an executive body, must not deviate from the decision of the legislature," Okanovic said. – The interior ministry cannot be above the Serbian parliament, which passed a law that limits 130 kilometers per hour. No one, not even the police, should be above the law. They cannot obey the letter and not apply the law. If that is the case, as individuals imagine, then we could ask MIA to tolerate alcohol in the blood of the driver up to 0.8, as well as to enforce other regulations selectively.


MINISTER CONSTRUCTION Zorana Mihajlovic did not hide the pleasure that work on the construction of an important road was finally completed. She pledged that roads in Serbia will never be built in ten years, as more attention is paid to projects and contractors.

– The mission of Corridor 10 is over. It will take less than three hours to reach the border with Bulgaria at Dimitrovgrad – Mihajlovic said. – Serbia has managed to complete a huge project that has been discussed for a decade. This part is of great importance for our economy as well as for security.

Photo: B. Rajcevic


Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Friday that no toll will be charged until December 1 on the Nis-Dimitrovgrad highway, which opens today. Vucic told reporters in Geneva that he had discussed the issue with Serbia's Director of Roads Zoran Drobnjak and Transport Minister Zoran Mihajlovic.

From December, drivers traveling from Belgrade to Bulgaria will pay 1,290 dinars in Dimitrovgrad.

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