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Trinquiers: Until December, Jemo's are only potters; Rimac: Come on us


Partizan Ye In Final ABA Superkuppa Cedevitu Olympiad 99:77


Coaching Partizana Andrea Trinkieri yeah after winning first trophy in seasons like:

– Congratulations my players and all the teams. She had only three completely different friends. Succeed just wow put something added. Well, it was as if it had been planned but not my wish. Satisfied alone with a team playgroup in the offing, a little frowning. In the end, it was just utakmitsu, it was just smart and peaceful. Succeed alone in the 21st minute, I play hard enough to get to Venice in the offseason. Until December, Jemo is just a fly.

Strategic team from Ljubljana Celebrity Rimac added:

– Congratulations to Team Partizana on the deservedly won Superkupu. Show me these three tips to make this team the fastest team. There may be regrets that it does not provide any resistance colors, but that energy is what I mean for us. I mean just being too frustrated an inexperienced minor who has been a non-starter and has not been successful at all. I am dissatisfied, before a difficult week, a season of rest.

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