Monday , January 25 2021

THREE CANCER WARNINGS in the eyes that reveal that your body is missing Vitamin B!

People who do not have enough vitamin B12 have a problem with the production of red blood cells, with an insufficient number of them, which increases the size of the granules, which is the length of life of this cell.

If the body does not have enough red blood cells, the tissue and organs do not reach the required amount of oxygen and can cause a complete collapse of the body, as well as complicated, hard-to-treat diseases.


Experts have discovered three symptoms that occur in people in the eyes if they do not have enough vitamin B12 in the body. You can easily notice them, and then be sure to go to your doctor.


Due to this disease, the face is pale, reflecting the skin of the yellow and having yellowish candles.

Red cell weakness due to lack of vitamin B12 leads to a decrease in blood bilirubin. Bilirubin is produced in the liver and bronchial reddish color. It breaks the old cells in the blood and leads to their lighter mucus.

When the body contains a large amount of bilirubin, jaundice appears.

Blurred vision

If you have a deficiency of vitamin B12 and do not treat it, it can lead to damage to the nervous system, to the blurry field of vision. This is due to one of the more important studies of the lack of vitamin B12 and the state of the body.


Namely, when you do not have enough vitamin B12, your brain suffers from damage and does not receive signals from the eye and other senses properly. Hence the blurred vision, and the feeling of inability to save damage and the like.

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This condition is called Optical Neuropathy.

"Playing" the eye

When you play, it can be quite disturbing. For all this, it may be a "guilty" lack of vitamin B12, which is actually because you do not eat enough foods rich in this vitamin.

Usually there is only one eye, or one deputy, alternately playing at long intervals. You almost can not recognize that both nerve plays your eyes at the same time.


While it is worrying to start with it, it is not a sign of serious illness, but if you do not respond and do not enrich your diet then it can be very problematic. Do not be afraid to add vitamin D to meals as this phenomenon appears and because of that.

It sounds all of a sudden and it's a flicker that goes beyond your control. Often they are movements that you feel, but people from your surroundings can not see them.

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