Wednesday , August 4 2021

This is when the video game with Keanu Reeves will be available in Serbia

Not only the most anticipated month of December, or this year, but probably the most anticipated game of the decade coming out in less than a week.


Photo: Getty Images, Alex Pantling / Staff

Photo: Getty Images, Alex Pantling / Staff

The obsolete dystopian smell of the night city is increasingly being felt in the air, with little chance of removal, the CD project is now really promising. One of the pieces of information we have received to fulfill the announcement is the exact time when Cyberpunk 2077 will be available for gaming worldwide.

A platform for thin times for platforms is shared on the game’s Twitter account, as well as when the installation can be downloaded in advance. Here in Serbia, Cyberpunk 2077 will be available for the Playstation and Xbox consoles exactly on December 10 at midnight, while the PC version will arrive an hour later, at 1 am.

CD Project Red also provided the so-called overload option, ie the ability to download the game earlier. For consoles, this can already be done, while with the PC version, downloads will begin at noon on December 7 on the GOG platform, and on the Steam and Epic Store the same day in just 17 hours.

If you are up all night playing Cyberpunk 2077 right away, then get ready for another sleepless night, as the game’s awards ceremony starts later, according to

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