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The singer FROM MYSELF, revealed what happened the moment she heard about her death

10 DAYS AGO SHE WAS SO HAPPY AND SING: A SINGER OF HIMSELF, found out what happened the moment she heard about her death

Photo: Damir Dervisagic, Print-screen / Premiere

The news that the famous singer Ayey Ramadanovski died today, after his heart stopped, shook the entire domestic public, especially his loved ones, as well as his colleagues from the show business, who knew him for decades.

Zlata Petrovi беше was a very close friend of hers and because of his departure she could not regain consciousness, so she decided to talk to him ten days ago.

– My heart, my soul, how will I do without him? I can not believe what is happening, so many of them have left lately. I have the impression that I am dreaming all this and that I will wake up from this ugly dream and realize that my Jackie is alive. I can not stand not to have it, I just can not believe it. We only heard from each other ten days ago, he was so happy, he was singing and beating my soul. I did not even think about this – says Zlata and adds:

photo: Print screen

– The moment we heard the news on TV, we had a big wall clock in the room, I was shocked. That’s a sign. How much I loved him, his songs, his positive energy. I do not know what to say, he was a man that everyone loved, a good man and a human soul. I have known him all my life and I do not know how I will get used to the fact that my Jackie is gone – Zlata told, choking on tears.

photo: Damir Dervisagic



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