Saturday , September 18 2021

The nurse in Pancevo tried to stop the thief: He was pushing the stairs, the nurse tore his hand | Telegraph

T.A. stole a children's wallet and two women tried to prevent him

Sister's sister, robbery of a monk

The members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Pancevo arrested T.A. (36) because of the existence of grounds for suspecting that he had committed the crime criminal acts of theft and serious bodily harm, MUP reported to Serbia.

He is accused of being from the tea kitchen of the children's department of the General Hospital in Pancevo from a damaged stolen wallet with documents, money and cards.

Because it is the injured party noticed and attempted to prevent him, T.A. he broke and escaped, so that the nurse who tried to stop the stairs would then be thrown, causing her to fall and break her arm.

The suspect was brought to the Public Prosecutor's Office in Pancevo, together with a criminal report, added in a statement.

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