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The manager has been happy with the poorest for years, and now she has discovered why she should come!


17.04.2015. 10:49


Tamara Grujic

Tamara Grujic, Photo: Printscreen

Tamara Grujic, as part of the show "From Thames to Action" with his tireless work and dedication, helps those who are most vulnerable for years, and all this time does not remove the smile from his face.

"There are several memories that always increase me, one of the strongest memories of my grandmother and the girl who raised me. Many suffer," Tamara Grujic revealed.

In a similar melancholy tone, she adds that she would like to be born in a time that is significantly different from ours.

"If I could, I would have chosen the time of my parents. I think that the generations born in the fifties were the most "enjoyed" in the normal life of life and were surrounded by love, naivety, fraternity and unity, as well as the highest quality of music ", Grujic said.

Tamara Grujic

Tamara Grujic, Photo: Print Screen

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